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Original title: Bright ” beautiful language is endowed with ” look female advocate how to go all out do his best to seek means of livilihood for oneself, differ anybody is saved # tiger year # having joy

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Xu Zhengxi — Liang Yi

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Qiao Xin — the drama that Qiu Yan was worth to look most in Feburary, ” beautiful language is endowed with ” must have position, take it is not important to be changed, gut inverts more, men and women advocate the abdomen is black, double business is online, see the other side each other not pleasing to the eye, gut has do laugh, the face of color of two 2 bugle is become leading role, collocation rises to also match absolutely really!

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Gut brief introduction 1, circle drama advocate because want to say female advocate Qiao Xin should calculate persuaded remove a lot of people, should know in those days ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” the effect that the small princess that Qiao Xin acts gives me is below in the graph such. I turn over drama for many times namely transient, by ” akimbo is protected ” Xu Zhengxi is pulled, male after all advocate carrying face of villain in drama on the head but cannot sustain is handsome, yan Zhi is justice namely!

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Stage photo of Lang Ya a list of names posted up although the face of the Qiao Xin in this drama or be ground to press by all sorts of servant girl, concubine, passerby daughter, but already a lot of better.

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Stubborn small lovely

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Male advocate 2, what character set Qiao Xin acts is female advocate if the character set in drama knows to deny the Mo Lan in, was not misreaded to you even if that green tea expresses Mo Lan, female advocate what of one mind thinks accost is having the rank of nobility to accede is male 2, beg means of livilihood to beg a good prospect. At that time by male advocate this bright caustic is shadowy male advocate with piercing eye + Biao of ancient bronze mirror amounts to person detection, then male advocate think method to prevent female advocate the brother with him best accost. Discuss in 3 marriage also be rough and special:

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The bridal spot that marries for the first time died, the 2nd less important admeasure an old man also is to want dead immediately, the 3rd secondary sells a businessman to do concubine. Female advocate then ceaseless be driven to the last ditch, save oneself ceaselessly. And male advocate? I want to marry namely female advocate little sister, look for all sorts of reason to be close to Qiu Yan’s little sister, qiu Yan does not suffer to protect a little sister male advocate all sorts of methods destroy harm use male advocate plan. And female advocate the lamp that the little sister also is not a province oil.

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Will look at present, it is a men and women advocate rip to tear open the Cp of the other side to develop each other, double abdomen is black. It is the play must not say really! The actor is bad to say! And look and comment!

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