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Original title: ” windstorm eye ” heat is patted, heroic bearing of modelling of Yang Mi business suit ofs material bearing, zhang Binbin acting is too outstanding! Summer vacation time will come, the movie and TV of of all kinds subject matter decides stage photo of archives, hair, hair in succession piece flower, heat sows ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” , ” the teenager is sent ” obtained right result, be like tide reputably. After these drama are made, shanghai TV division is medium recently, yang Mi Zhang Binbin acts the leading role ” windstorm eye ” released flower and a stage photo formally, the country brings appearance of ministry soldier neat Qi Liang, modelling heroic bearing ofs material bearing, attract eyeball.

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” windstorm eye ” it is a city turns over espionage drama, told about with quiet the state that represents with Ma Shangwei brings staff, detect technical filch case hard, two people are cooperative and homocentric reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis, for many times crises make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, protective country is rare resource is not contrabanded to trade by the force outside the condition, defend the story of the interest of the motherland and dignity. Yang Mi Zhang Binbin acts the leading role, the person such as Liu Ruilin, Shi Jingming, Liao Jingsheng, Yi Daqian is made match, have a strong lineup not allow small gaze.

20220213061336 6208a19042314

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Look from stage photo, zhang Binbin is the eyes no matter, still wear the look of business suit, special belt feels, raise an eye to come extremely, in the personate in drama male advocate Ma Shang, it is the member that the country with a mental and nimble, outstanding thinking installs a ministry to investigate. Some closer the resource of year of Lai Zhangbin Bin is very pretty good, oneself acting is excellent, no matter be contemporary outfit or ancient costume, special raise a key point, have audience reason very much.

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Zhang Binbin regards Yang Mi as the actor below the banner, also be one of male stars that force holds in both hands, depend on in those days ” 10 lis of peach blossom ” leave a country is opened famous degree, in ” laugh slightly very bend city ” the KO senior fellow apprentice of personate, stay again the hacker of bud, modelling of very little head exceeds handsome, circle pink countless. Later in succession partner Dilireba, Lin Yichen acted the leading role ” heart of bright moon of Qin Shili’s person ” , ” small female flower is not abandoned ” , acting is outstanding, equipment of it may be said is welcome.

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Yang Mi serves as close inspect queen, work of movie and TV, public praise and close inspect before be inferior to greatly, for instance last year of partner Ruan Jingtian ” help up shake ” , also fail to carry off year the first close inspect, still have receive an official before long ” reason of the love that build a dream ” , public praise closes inspect fare badly, can saying is close come to a public praise is the poorest two years. Be in this ” windstorm eye ” personate daughter advocate quiet, do not know whether make an audience satisfactory.

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