Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Day corrupt ” dangerous partner ” update! Did lion man become burden? To lion man, the elder sister does not have be murdered this is the biggest happiness, just he is the following the life also does not know to fall where, in drama he plaints: “I think this is my ground that make one’s home. ” , lion man lives very alonely all the time, before center does not have play dead, he wants to tell an elder sister his orientaton, but the news of sb’s death that did not say exit greeted an elder sister finally, this also is him all the time cannot the bottom of one’s heart of steer clear of, attack to be above the cause of death that searchs an elder sister with respect to of one mind next, become the 2 husband of gangdom.

20220213061356 6208a1a45f732

He thinks to be met after him originally with such attitude subsist, when but become him to be informed an elder sister,dying, everything what feel what he himself does again suddenly is infructuous no point, this is to went up to the sky to open a fun to him it seems that. And persuade to retreat him directly below the country! Two people are the victim of cases of a lot of that that explosion year ago, father mother was lost below the country, and the friend that lion man lost his welfare courtyard, however whats do not become lion man now, burdensome like.

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Between the 5th collect, the country falls and lion man must face a more awkward problem, because of the arrival of center, lion man must vacate a room to give center, leave the room of lion man only next, and also do not have thick quilt, blanket also has a piece only. So the country falls and lion man also can make do with only one reinstate, it is straight below the country male, and straight male cancer is very serious, look completely not to wear the idea of lion man.

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Eye comes round to say, this drama had broadcasted the 5th collect, gut respect is more wonderful still, gut closely linked, this thinking that the part of villain in drama in drama came out already completely, but did not think of to still have older old man rear, there are a lot of lines to be in all the time among the story thrust deep into the enemy forces, leave the affection line that follows elder sister of cake inn young lady e.g. the country, still have the affection line that lion man follows below the country, and the development of the case.

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Do not know next gut can develop toward what trend! Allegedly of caricature edition still do not have be over, is this can you still have below one season?

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