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Original title: ” beautiful language endows with ” : Why does 2 rooms madam prefer Qiu Yan, qiu Min of daughter of one’s own of and rather than? ” beautiful language is endowed with ” be pretty good ancient occasionally drama, the goodwife in drama is set, say to go up Qing Ji is conspicuous, and from the point of viewing rate, also can look reach the audience is opposite of this drama approbate. When still remembering viewing the first market, still feel female to Zhu Qiuyan is the one’s own daughter of person of 2 rooms doctor, and as gut discover newlier however, the small concubine place that Qiu Yan is 2 rooms only is strange, she is misbegotten, never had enjoyed mother love over his strange mother however.

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Conversely, the doctor is factitious she, dare to break through feudal ceremony to make, dare to make have be contrary to him husband and mother-in-law, dare to encourage Qiu Yan to pursue the life that he wants and dream. Doctor person is right of Qiu Yan good, the Qiu Min of one’s own daughter that also lets oneself for a time produced envious heart. So, the issue came, why doctor person can prefer Qiu Yan, is his one’s own daughter?

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Above all, qiu Yan has definite idea, sagacious the female that serves as a feudal times, a lot of people are by traditional idea formal, confine is inside a limits. Total somebody is wanting to flounce off manacle, total also somebody just thinks and dare not be. The big madam in resembling opera, Qiu Yan, Qiu Min this 3 people, it is very good delegate, doctor person is a person that wanting to flounce off feudal thinking, there also is oneself ambition in the heart, but she however for so called family, did not give the operation, bearing everything silently however.

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And see when her Qiu Yan dares to conflict confine when, she saw from her body herself thinks the thing that do, support Qiu Yan to pursue the life that he wants then. As to Qiu Min, she is principal rooms place is born obviously, in that time, it is principal rooms place originally those who be born is female have right to speak more. Just, autumn Min heart is right although traditional idea has dissatisfaction, do not be willing to change however, more let a person feel to not have of language is, herself is not changed, also wanting to prevent people change, that is the expression of Fu of a kind of be jealous of apparently.

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Next, qiu Yan dare be oppugned, dare go all out in work that times, female of total meeting requirement should have 3 from 4 heart, same mistake, the female must be assumed, and the male however need not. To in that way situation, majority person chooses to accept, the courage that raises doubt repeatedly is done not have. Dan Qiuyan is to see, put forward, with respect to the marriage that takes herself, she does not think oneself marriage, oneself life, in the hand that should grasp in oneself, on the hand that is not others.

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She is willing the marital condition for him change, and go all out in work for oneself for many times, even if be bruise again and again, even if be,be censured by alien, even if be,be repelled by family, she also the pace that have not has considered to stop to his advance. Her courage, even if by male advocate think she is a gainful person by accident, she also won’t put his point of view in the eye.

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In the final analysis, qiu Yan is a person that overtakes reason, she and the each size elder sister in autumn government office people not same. She won’t change her original intention for who, even if at the beginning, because of the cause of loving-kindness, she is liking male advocate, but she did not like because of her, and stop to be opposite male advocate bias. Of course, qiu Yan and male advocate each other bias, originate two people are misunderstood to each other. Can say only, qiu Yan more big madam likes, if did her because of Qiu Yan,consider the business that do and dare not do again more, one kind be doctor person heart then is expected. The article originates leaf net: Http://

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