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Original title: Work of movie and TV of current the world can be divided in the main for 4 etc This clown thinks, work of movie and TV of current the world can be divided in the main for 4 etc. First-class work is good-looking. Content keen, of character have thing, let a person be enmeshed among them, the aftertaste is boundless, the story is told so that be in sentiment is sensible, flog monarch enters put in order, actor play image is dramatic, vivid. E.g. , ” soldier assault ” ” hill sea affection ” ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” bright sword ” ” my colonel my group ” ” great river great river ” ” naked marriage age ” ” humble abode ” ” conceal ” ” people’s name ” etc, still have at present conflagration ” germinant ” ” between the world ” belong to this kind. This kind of classical teleplay arrived 2000 2014 this during it is to be high yield period, economy of that time country is better and better, the actor still is done not have so mad, capital still also is done not have wantonly make trouble. The actor that unified characteristic is the poorest acting in these drama basically is instantly the acting ceiling in a lot of drama.

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Second-class be can look actually the drama of a lot of conflagration is made belong to this category, content gut is basic and reasonable, the actor is denounced quite normally happy event, above of line of story pass mark, have a few small funnel small perhaps flaw, basically do not have hard injury. Sell a site normally pretty good. For instance ” Chen Qing makes ” ” return Zhugege ” ” Gong Suo agalloch eaglewood ” ” of sweet sweet heavy if frost ” ” 33 worlds 10 lis of peach blossom ” ” small jubilate ” ” small take leave of ” ” hurriedly that year ” ” Gu Jianji. Of the line on recently ” ace army ” , ” the Luoyang since wind ” belong to this kind of drama. The unified characteristic of this kind of drama is gut much rarer dot is smooth, hard perhaps, the main actor always has 9 discharge actors that are hinder sb.

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Third class is ugly. This kind of drama basically is current main trend, gut is emptier, suspension. Actor’s lines very ghost is pulled, awkward. The actor basically also is the strong perhaps luggage that performs each each tender, it is to need ability of toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself to look anyway. Masterpiece of this kind of work ” kill celestial being ” ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” ” storm dance ” ” stars sea ” ” we had been close friends ” ” help up shake ” ” windstorm eye ” ” the summer of bubble ” ” negotiation official ” ” urgent public relations ” etc. Heat sows recently ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” ” be defeated win ” it is this category, ugly. The characteristic is big shop sign stars or discharge actor presents as leading role to act the leading role, conduct propaganda is extremely fierce but gut compares rubbish.

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4 wait even if do not have a law to look. This kind of drama attachs most importance to disaster area with ancient vomit drama, do not consider a comment, actor, story, take change basic it is one Tuo excrement. Cite a few case everybody understood. ” fine south pass ” ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” ” sweetness is cruel attack ” ” thunderbolt battle will ” ” serious side legend ” ” when you smile very beautiful ” ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” . Do not say too much, offend a person. If can look,the characteristic of this kind of drama is you, it is a firm person absolutely.

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