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Original title: Extend happiness strategy: On class of Wu Jin character 20 people, only 4 people are known by person place, prospective destiny how? Base camp of joy of put together art always is follow closely tide to the honored guest’s choice, of favour often be to become red star, want to say to take the TV with a top rate currently, that is certainly ” the strategy that delay happiness ” . Though be to set foot on Hunan to defend inspected arena for the first time, but Wu Jin character however a bit does not have cowardly meaning, the typhoon of natural and graceful also is the expression that deduced Wei Ying Luo. Regard husband daughter as, wu Jin character is the closest it may be said is extremely red temporarily, rise and fall as the free and easy of gut, by most the empress of at first, to the tall high-ranked imperial concubine later, gradually come out trifling female show share, real n/COL the head of a family female role just is late, right before feminine lead is Wu Jin the Luo of Ying of small lady-in-waiting the Kingdom of Wei that character performs, come on the stage the expression that showed make vigorous efforts to turn the situation of this petite schoolgirl.

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Regard Beijing film institute as a 2013 average graduate, begin dabble from college enter a school shadow art industry, had approached nine year to now, the bosom is putting she and her classmates to dream, set foot on act boundless and indistinctly art road. Likelihood others looks they are such bright, but inner susceptive suffers to probably only themselves is known. Be being paid indefinitely also is when just can be shown momently then by what the audience approbates.

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Character of dilatancy Wu Jin 20 classfellow at that time, zhang Renbo, Li Meng, Liu Ruilin, Li Zheng, Yan Qi, Zhao Yue child, Huang Mengying, Cui , Zhang Yunlong, Wang Rehan, , do not know a few in the center everybody can be familiar.

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Except depends on the personate of Wei Ying Luo, wu Jin character also may be only among them a common name, the likelihood also needs to resemble other classmate in that way, the ability of mutual guide and support between need classmate has a common part, ability is unapt by the times slowly abandon. But they abandon without small talk however, it is to be on respective method courageously try to be the first, go all out in work hard. We see the Wu Jin with one night red leap up below all round character the classmate of a few famouser gas:

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1, Zhang Yunlong holds in detail processing and clue with oneself medium excellent expression, let ” petard ” medium vivid ground presents piece of Yun Longxian in the audience before, also let an audience remember this actor, hope he is in ” Xin Liangjian ” in have more outstanding show.

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2, Li Chun is the Neon all over the sky that has deduced that rich calculation, li Chun deduced mood, movement acme, it is especially in the big ending that spends 1000 bone, li Chun’s performance invites an audience people saw an animated Neon all over the sky.

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3, Li Meng although of open earlier, had participated in Bai Lu to film formerly at the beginning greatly, filmed movie season is destined again later, can do not have can explode overnight red, may still need more opportunity?

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Finally, the sea that industry of true deep feeling actor resembles really is lose of look for of boundless and indistinct sea offers as a gift bead, the future that does not know someone else will how?

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