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Original title: Seek theatrical work ” between the world ” the analysis of road development contrail that pre-test Zhou Bingyi takes up a political career The closest period of time, CCTV big play ” between the world ” broadcast, suffer numerous echo intense, god-given good theatrical work, for a time the whole town turns out. This teleplay, it is the novel change that the basis wins award of cogongrass aegis literature, by celebrated director Li Lu hold guide, assume scenario by Wang Hai Zuo , Wang Daou, thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao presents as leading role to act the leading role, the modern city of the main actor such as of fourth Yong Dai, Cheng Tai, Song Chunli, Zhang Kaili is big drama. CCTV gold period of time broadcasts, far-reaching. Be known as ” the life of common people of 50 years of China history ” , it may be said is: In joys and sorrows describe feelings is mixed have deep love for, reveal at terrestrial rocket part morality and justice and take on. Disposition decides a destiny, have feeling for love. Zhou Bingyi, regard Zhoujia as the old, from smooth word piece the famous figure that walk out of. Justice word in the van, upright not A. Young when, walk out of smooth word bravely piece, raise edge round field. Fidelity is love, dare straight face is gloomy, be brave in to take on, sacrificial ego, help sb to fulfill his wishes love. Although be in personally round field, pattern Gao Yuan, be clear about what to love and what to hate, inspect evil like enemy, hellion try sb, make good person nice newspaper. Helped sb to fulfill his wishes a paragraph of good the fate brings lovers together, although have an insatiable desire for poor one’s previous experience, because love, married the Hao Dongmei that foreground did not predict. As unplug random anyway, complain case exonerate, week Hao two differences fadein, a person is pauper children, one is dignitary children, the Zhou Bingyi of body of the that do not have a room is not had be able to bear or endure have the aid of Home Hao, was being become is not the son-in-law that inserts the door. After marriage, although have a difference, have supercilious look more, zhou Bingyi heart is fortunately powerful, right wife good-tempered have add, wife cannot bear because of reason, zhou Bingyi is willing pull a fault at oneself, borrow crammer to take care of Hao Jia. The choice is more than hard. The willingly bear the burden of hard works on the job, diligent at politics, suffering is studied, constant, do not take a concern, do not go secure personal gain. Do not forget from beginning to end first heart, accede and carry on Zhang Zai ” ana of horizontal stroke canal ” content, namely ” establish a heart for heaven and earth, make a living civilian establish a lot, to learn absolutely toward holy afterwards, open peace and tranquility for all ages ” . Corps work is such, lab of the policy that visit government office is more such. Regard a government as brain truster, goggle from beginning to end view the world, readjustments grinds, diligent start writing, kind thinks, working promising, the career has. The job is dry come out, achievement is to struggle those who come out, become cadre of deputy hall level. Life crossing, noble photograph is aided, further upward. Zhou Bingyi is diligent at learning, active and aspirant, person middleaged, beijing University graduates. Do not be content with the current situation, stand fast the job. Do not stretch his hand to the organization, do not run don’t bother to see me out. This can yet be regarded as government-owned innocence, perhaps be good choice. Ceng Ji gets philosopher word: Read 10 thousand are inferior to going 10 thousand lis of roads, row 10 thousand lis of roads are inferior to reading a person countless, read a person countless aid as noble photograph. Life is long-distance and boundless, good luck once in a blue moon. A strange combination of circumstances, hard to avoid can delay an individual to develop, also need Bai Le’s discovery, of noble teach, alleged: Wisdom person 1000 Lv, also one is break. The cadre’s choose is used, outside notting have 3 kinds of ways: Constituent discovery, the branch is recommended and wool chases offer one’s services to wait. Much working solid line, course of study already proved the organization discovers the main avenue that is choose cadre and way, recommend can yet be regarded as is assisted and complement. Heart traditional Chinese clothes is worn people, remember a mission well, stand fast party spirit, strictly observe a bottom line, consecratory and consummate. For the official old, zhou Bingyi all the time preserve one’s moral integrity, never practise favouritism, seek welfare for common people intently. Armory arrives first, pressure is enormous, factory frequency is faced close down, personnel mental stagnation, transition road steps forward dimension difficult. His draw on the wisdom of the masses, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, far go to a foreign country, outside change inside couplet, science and technology and innovation are concomitant, introduce and digest develop simultaneously, help enterprise spends difficulty. Plead for the people, overcome difficult assault fortified positions. The official comes one party high-ranking official, it is to struggle from beginning to end more in a gleam of, guide everybody, unplug poor word, improve the people’s livelihood. Finally however because overworked is excessive, suffer from went up cancer of the stomach. In the time with last life, plum of winter of Hao of wife of Zhou Bingyi care, hope she can at an early date remarry. Zhou Bingyi loves greatly at civilian, the career has, have feeling for love, ties of friendship does not have valence. ” between the world ” broadcast, people is enmeshed in happy ocean, feeling the great change of 50 years of China, of the life snafu, the change quickly of the thing. Chinese reform great change and epidemic situation are prevented accuse, the assault fortified positions of the country that take off deficient, the development that still is a city changes, say palpability has the Communist Party only in China, ability saves China, ability rich China, ability strong China. Road of Zhou Bingyi that take up a political career, those who explained the individual tries hard is important, what the organization recommends is inevitable, what photograph of life crossing noble aids is commendable.

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