Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Wide report total bureau phonates again, normative actor remuneration, prohibit breaking heart actor to phonate through teleplay a lens # prohibits violating Shi Deyi’s person to phonate through teleplay # giving looking glass a few days ago, print and distribute of total bureau of national wide report ” ” 945 ” Chinese teleplay develops a program ” , stipulated actor remuneration is occupied clearly among them than, reach main actor remuneration to occupy than, normative teleplay market order, put forward to promote teleplay market fairness to compete, prevent capitalization to wait without foreword dilate.

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Since the actor ” contract of yin and yang ” , ” day price remuneration ” wait for a series of incident exposure, wide report total bureau in recent years technological process of strict all the time and normative market, strengthen superintendency mechanism, earnest processing absolutely not the manner of appeasement, let teleplay market restore the environment of a benign competition. Still put forward in the program, prohibit violating Shi Deyi’s person to phonate through teleplay a lens, see here, broad netizen friend had a lot of doubt, above all why sheet points to teleplay, notice program name please, it is teleplay development program, not be to say the film so without giving thought to, just this program is teleplay program.

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Next, be break about breaking the law of heart decide, this blurs quite really, violate very easy understanding, violated statute of our country law, but break heart is more general, how to define after all to break heart, what circumstance calculates break heart, for instance ” inside marriage off the rails ” , again for instance ” to turn over of Dai Yan product ” , ” borrowed ” , ” abuse of irreverent course of study is vicarious ” etc, whether to belong to break heart, this very difficult judgement, the standard of everybody and understanding are different, the masses may hope to see a specific standard more, allow authority there is a red line in the heart.

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Of course, the determination of wide report total bureau we had seen, the market also is in more healthy and orderly development, the hope adopts a standard, can see the homebred play with more outstanding more. Graph / the network invades cutout

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