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Original title: Cruel of mango TV actor ” hit shelf ” , two sweet bestow favor on drama to be the same as ethereal line, it is to exceed sweet battle array hard choice This period share: Days is hasty, the Spring Festival holiday that lets a person expect blinks to elapse sadly, student party begins to busy before term begins ” filling exercise ” , office worker also suffer from has not been adjusted those who come over ” biological clock ” . But this is not cloggy we ” snatch a little leisure from a busy life ” take out time to seek theatrical work, did not think of cruel of mango TV actor ” hit shelf ” , two sweet bestow favor on drama to be the same as ethereal line, it is to exceed sweet battle array hard choice!

20220213061810 6208a2a2c3ea4

What decide archives above all is will cure at the city of TV of mango of the line on Feburary 14 sweet love drama ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” . As sweet the time deciding archives that bestows favor on drama makes a person self-evident, what this drama basically tells about is, working mad boss ” Yu Hao ” with hold to ” instead involute amount to a person ” subordinate ” Su Kelan ” , because of the love story that food festival looks and meets unexpectedly.

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Boss of platform giving birth to delicacy ” Yu Hao ” be sponsorred for promotion and entered a program, but to save time, the dish in the program tasted the link that make to use vicarious, this one practice irritated program series, then fabricant of behind the curtain explodes with the means of barrage makings, and at this moment public relations chief inspector also because ” Yu Hao ” unnatural and gas goes.

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Be in what have deep love for domestic cate at this moment ” Su Kelan ” an awful mess that replaced public relations ministry temporarily, she alleviated not only the contradiction of program series, still let a boss ” Yu Hao ” acceptance cheats an audience no longer, begin to learn to make food. , two people are in one time after the contact, the heart that discovers the other side is gentle, “Su Kelan ” among the life that also led warm smoke internal heat Yu Hao.

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The teleplay about cate is not actually scarce, especially the story gut of Su Mali type, but ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” this drama made very big change in narrative fashion field, let this drama have very big hotspot, on the other hand actor choosing horn also is the another large window of this drama.

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“Yu Hao ” personate person Gao Hanyu believes everybody won’t unfamiliar, he what went out by right of excellent program of old brand true person 2007 is having those who abound to act art experience, ginseng had acted ” choose day is written down ” , ” help up shake ” wait for drama to let him achieve act art the summit summit of career, the put together that attended 2021 art ” the elder brother of break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties ” let him stand between popular eye shot again.

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Female advocate ” Su Kelan ” personate person the old friend that also is everybody, recumbent 2017 ” unique a thousand pieces of gold ” series and one artillery piece has his moment, the resource of movie and TV later is first-rate, drama of the ancient costume in crossing her to give the work that perform slants much, go out this inaccessibly perform city theatrical work, also be to let a person very expect.

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In addition, this drama still has ginseng had acted ” the detailed list sweeping past treasure of the bureau in antique bureau ” actor king is cold, ginseng had acted ” Yu Louchun ” actor He Lei, ginseng had acted ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” actor Yang Xue, ginseng had acted ” wolf highness ” the actor is overland wait for many young actor to join in, brought not small hotspot to this drama.

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Another drama is to decide archives to be in at the line on Feburary 14 likewise the city comedy that actor cruel platform broadcasts is sweet bestow favor on drama ” day king assistant ” . This drama is adapted from homonymic novel, in this special Valentine’s Day this day broadcasts its message is very clear, believe to be able to attract the eyeball of one part netizen.

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What this drama basically tells about is, “The dream of 900 million girls ” perfect image ” Tian Xi ” with the literary talented woman that has book aroma interest alone ” Wei Chi Yao distants and out of sight ” between the story that yields a person to be between tears and smiles. “Tian Xi ” it is a millions of people fix eyes upon, how literature accomplishment owes the discharge star of beautiful, however ground of a strange combination of circumstances and crowd learn scaredly bully ” Wei Chi Yao distants and out of sight ” chance encounter.

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“Tian Xi ” measure star as one distinguished personages, think change sends an actor into actual strength, but get the interview that broke important role, “Wei Chi Yao distants and out of sight ” it is one learns bully, she what want to become a teacher as a child also encountered life in the center for the first time by twists and turns, was hit in first time of family education platform difference is judged.

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Broker company for ” Tian Xi ” can take the important part among next professions, begin invite applications for a job to learn then bully will to him become an adviser, letting what the person did not think of is, this literature that speak learns bully just about ” Wei Chi Yao distants and out of sight ” , and she is recorded reputably to keep her 5 bits, be forced to do was become ” Tian Xi ” full-time assistant.

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Then the daily each other of big star and young assistant rancors mode is formal open, such gut is not common, broke before sweet bestow favor on drama ” strong president ” system, appreciably has ” from marry begin have a love affair ” flavour, this drama is from the president be ” victim ” angle is narrated, believe regular meeting is very wonderful.

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The person selected of hero has partial netizen to be familiar with very much probably, he has attended namely ” of tomorrow child ” the singer adds actor Sun Zeyuan, also having partial netizen probably is in the film ” fast take away my elder brother ” in realise him, act art although career is not rich, but colour value is very superior, make a person special expect.

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Heroine ” Tian Xi ” complacently of Lu of the person that act can be compared probably unfamiliar, she what go out for the singer together acts art career is not rich also, the person such as partner Cai Xu Kun acted the leading role 2018 ” I just won’t be bullied by the girl ” the acting that began her art career, ” day king assistant ” also be her on the first real significance female advocate drama.

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Additional, this drama still has ginseng had acted ” sensible derive is vivid ” actor Chen Peng 10 thousand Li, ginseng had acted ” hello, friendly 2 of argue of the other side ” actor Wang Luqing, had attended ” creation battalion ” Xie Xingyang of actor, singer one numerous young change cast to join in, added many color to this drama.

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Above of two drama on line time is in on Feburary 14 the Valentine’s Day this day, one is to will go up the city of line mango TV is cured sweet love drama ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” ; One is the city comedy that broadcasts in actor cruel platform sweet bestow favor on drama ” day king assistant ” . Two drama have a hotspot very much, you more which drama market expect broadcast? Civil / silent goosefoot big Prince of the Devils (the picture comes from a network, be like tort but couplet cutout)

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