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Original title: The beauty that contain a family name male decline altar, you enter the part that Wei Chi Longyan dumbstrucks these 6 are destroyed hole a few I believe to there is the hero in belonging to my to imagine in the heart of reader of a lot of novels, there are 1000 Hamlets in 1000 readers heart after all. A lot of novels were adapted now teleplay, the book medium character is shown in screen, so whether did the hero in screen achieve the appearance in reader heart? The novel adapts teleplay, it is the origianl work in destroying our heart or sublimate character

20220213061813 6208a2a59b3c7

1. look stops speak of a look to stop, he is Gu Yan certainly do not confuse the role that also hides to be not dropped, as once of TOP1 of ancient character a list of names posted up top class male god, he is in Gu Yan existence is just as the Yang Guo in knight-errant world. Once who was had by that outstanding black deep feeling of appearance, abdomen, mastered the world not to master one popular feeling however, does the unique Adonis bewitch of final get enmeshed in a web of one’s own spinning pass? But since movie and TV is changed, since the look that saw dragon of power of the Song Dynasty stop, sauce sauce again also cannot orthoptic the look in my heart stopped.

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“See the look stops by accident lifelong, do not see the look stops lifelong by accident. ” have unique appearance, affectionate and the abdomen is black, the look that is good at plan stops, was performed by Song Wei dragon the about of head of wood of a wood.

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Teenager of 8 years old seventeen, having the color of confuse the people’s minds, the palm accuses the intelligence of the world popular feeling, be defeated finally. Hale and hearty of appearance of dragon of actor Song Wei is without Rou Meizhi to say however, the deep feeling that the show comes to is borne resemble a wood. Although age is small,add dragon of power of the Song Dynasty but those who grow is very mature, still have abrupt monkey photograph lip, without the about of little Adonis, do not have even teenager feeling even, although dragon of power of the Song Dynasty is long very handsome, but he does not suit ancient costume really!

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From now on, the look stops suffer a disastrous decline of the position below the influence of part of this scrip person in Song Wei dragon, decline altar 2. Wei Chi Longyan ” encounter dragon ” regard orange as smooth paronomasia ” the astral road of counterattack is glaring ” the drama in drama, male advocate Wei Chi Longyan a few give birth to firebug of female mainstream of expect of a few worlds, the person morale in orange smooth game is very high also. And this edition adapts ” encounter dragon ” other what did not stay, initiated the beginning of AI type acting however, wang Hedi also depended on this one part to stay in bound of movie and TV ” thick Mo Chongcai ” brushstroke. Although this drama has been sowed very long, but I still want to say today: ” you return Wang Hedi my Wei Chi Longyan!

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“Be the play in show of orange smooth game only merely is male advocate Wei Chi Longyan, shook however the atrium of countless girls. His deep feeling is borne, he a few give birth to infatuation of a few worlds to guard, he is high bully gas, he all tenderness shed firebug to heroine only. But, wang Hedi acts however dumbstruck! This is the expression when facing beautiful scene in a good day

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And this is to mix female advocate the sweet expression when be together

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Our that is to say, can you change an expression? the incisively and vividly that acting of AI planar type develops, the eyes of look slack, the white hair of sere short-tempered, final face paralysis, whole body paralysis. Plus complete theatrical work that exclusive expression IP, as if in recount to everybody, production just gives only bought package of this one expression, the others expression is another price.

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3.The Liu Xueqi of Liu Xueqi Yang Zi I think the appearance pledges compatibly go up to have bigger difference really with origianl work, but of acting or pass a barrier. Liu Xueqi regards high official position as the first belle, origianl work is too much to the complimentary word of her appearance, come on the stage every time can spend type boast, the word that uses still is ” empyreal faery ” , “White Yi Ruxue ” wait for such immortal term. Can reach from inside these terms, liu Xueqi’s Yan Zhi is top class absolutely that one divinatory symbols, next individual character is to slant chilly aloof and proud, give the kind with free from vulgarity dirt. However the figure that temperamental itself of Yang Zi is the adjacent home girl that belongs to the sort of itself to take affinity oneself, so she performs the sort of immediateness to live lovely perhaps and lively part with respect to pretty appropriate. Will perform Liu Xueqi, sauce sauce or make bold say: It is 8 bamboo pole are hit really do not wear.

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In contrast or sweet honey bright and beautiful look for more thorough popular feeling, lively and lovely, clever gas is moving, very congenial. It is Liu Xueqi only one horn, do not have a show really the sort of temperament.

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Once broadcast,Chen Qing of drama of 4. warmth movie and TV makes, become explode paragraph. And warmth one horn, did not make the part that the audience admits up to now. Should come on the stage after Yun Meng is destroyed originally, and the to her depict in origianl work also is efficient. Tall cold pity is proud, clearly is in eye. Grey flying smoke destroyed, it is in that way warmth, just can let a person times feeling take pity on. And actor Mencius justice however not show chilly of the sort of lofty and unyielding character is beautiful, the feeling of take pity on making a person. Plus the glare acting of that be exactly the same, warmth this part was destroyed so.

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5. why treasure why treasure is talk feeling of the novel why the hero of sheng xiao silent, great gifted scholar of courtyard of C old law, brilliant and lofty, self-confident and ad cool-headed. Talk feeling in the novel one of the most welcome hero. The sunshine of Zhao silent sheng of college age is beautiful, right why treasure falls in love at first sight. She optimistic and candid unplugs sufficient chase after, he what make literary talent outstanding eventually stops for her stream stop.

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And the evil evil spirit that actor yellow dawn shows apparently laughs, make this part very short time becomes fat bully always. Dull look, self-righteous bully total temperament, persuade me to retreat. The audience breathes out continuously, be overcome really.

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Small Long Nv of female original work of 6. small dragon had beauty of much celestial being not to say more, temperament gives this world, as if be like celestial being. But the round face that actor Chen Yan hopes to growing fleshy meat, itself contains a kind of temperament that kiss and feel and does not have the sort of isolation this world. Plus figure inflexible, acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance makes fun of too too perfunctory, be made fun of to say by the netizen small basket bag.

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Can say actor itself does not have what problem only, the particular temperament on actor body just did not consider when production just is picking part, deduce instead do not come out those Bai Yueguang. Final sauce sauce wants to say, if do not have enough assurance, still do not go easily reductive the Bai Yueguang in our heart.

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