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Original title: Gigantic Xing Maolian the hand is little lucky day afterwards ” the soul ferries ” hind go out to be made newly again, the netizen breathes out continuously feared Gigantic Xing Maolian the hand is little lucky day afterwards ” the soul ferries ” hind go out to be made newly again, the netizen breathes out continuously feared! Mention this name believes Ju Xingmao everybody not very is familiar, and mention ” Tie Li is beautiful ” medium dice, believe everybody can have impression! Pretty good in those days heat sows big play ” Tie Li is beautiful ” in Ju Xingmao is acted the role of histrionic medium dice, with Chen Shu the Xu Fengzhi of personate did obeisance to handle, enter the world together.

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Ju Xingmao is graduated from the Thespian institute central, from because the figure is short and pee is self-abased, till 9 years old when, because of a part by pitch on of Li Shaogong’s director, this the performance lets Ju Xingmao act art generated interest, not the opposition of disappoint mother discontinue one’s studying learns in the home Thespian, final Ju Xingmao heads for Beijing alone for his actor dream.

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In Beijing Ju Xingmao everywhere be rebuffed, once brought the experience that thinks the ginseng that be proud has performed Li Shaogong to direct work to also become bleak without light, no matter be height,seeing the actor beside when Ju Xingmao especially still is Yan Zhi tall oneself are very much when, he also has arisen confused, subsequently Ju Xingmao still goes out had acted ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun makes double tube ” , ” how many love can come again ” , ” blind alley ” , ” drop blood 3 strong ” wait for work.

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Performing art circle to feel climb roll hit Ju Xingmao gradually had some of renown head, accidental opportunity Guo Jing Yu and Ju Xingmao are known, and Guo Jingyu invites gigantic Xing Maocan perform oneself work, ” Tie Li is spent ” , ” red a form of address for one’s wife ” , ” brave heart ” the work that is Ju Xingmao and Guo Jingyu collaboration.

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After cooperating with Guo Jingyu, gigantic Xing Maojiao must direct this profession very pretty good, because this Ju Xingmao begins him to do a director to take sport, ju Xingmao and write of Guo Shimin collaboration filmed 2014 ” the soul ferries ” , after this drama is shown, get immediately the accord of countless netizens reputably. Subsequently Ju Xingmao continued to send force write ” the soul ferries 2 ” , ” the soul ferries 3 ” , it is to be being depended on more subsequently ” the most beautiful youth ” obtain the 2nd Chu Xinbang’s youth to highlight contributive award.

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Had seen Ju Xingmao very hard in drama of movie and TV nowadays, once that low end child cannot see already completely also nowadays, be worth what carry is the wife that Ju Xingmao still went to one individual beauty finally be like a beauty, can calls reality the belle of edition and beast.

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2016 ” the soul ferries 3 ” after be over, ju Xingmao did not continue to make ” the soul ferries 3 ” , because film 3 add continuously,the likelihood is, ju Xingmao feels a bit far-fetched! Be in nevertheless small 7 look main or because ” the soul ferries 3 ” compare grading and viewing rate to sell at a discount greatly with before two photographs, this ability lets Ju Xingmao must abandon ” the soul ferries 4 ” .

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Recently, the message comes out, ju Xingmao of it is reported and the playwright that the soul ferries are young lucky day cooperates once more new work ” goddess restaurant ” , it is reported this drama with 8 arms day daughter is setting, initiate with the gimmick of suspense, as Ju Xingmao make newly, the netizen still has very high interest to this work. Do not know what kind of shock Ju Xingmao and young lucky season can bring a netizen? Wait and see what happens!

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