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Original title: Break up pat ” the bag as just judge ” , be still is our memory medium ” does the bag a just judge ” ? What? ” does the bag a just judge ” break up patted? Is the day wrapping blueness of new edition ” Adonis ” ? A surname plan is painful the white moon position in breaking girl heart, grew fat play boy? Most is those who accord with him unexpectedly?

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Is the day that wrap blueness everybody familiar to the ear can the character of detailed? The teleplay that is subject matter in order to wrap save is not little also, at the same time courage breaks up those who pat is not little also. After regarding company as 80/90, be brought up ” the bag as just judge ” , we are most familiar have two edition. One is Mr. Jin Chaoqun those who film ” the bag as just judge ” , filmed 236 collect altogether 41 stories, adapt the folklore from Bao Zheng, after broadcasting, be to be in China to achieve high viewing rate not merely, still wait for an Asia in Korea multilateral undertake heating up sowing, drove ” the bag as just judge ” heat.

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The Bao Zheng of personate of Mr. Jin Chaoqun is in audience heart most of figure, the of one mind wrapping save of this one edition promotes justice for common people, redress the scales, integrity is sober, get audience reputably. Rise when hall, the bag of august gravity Yours Excellency, with the dynasty that stands in both sides, Ma Han, and that ” martial ” , let a person rise with respect to gravity in spite of oneself. This still has a very serious person in edition, exhibit clear, it is by Home He interest goes out act, red clothes is being worn in drama, military accomplishment excel in, if body form is loose, a suit skill in wushu confuses myriad girl so that mesmerize, the dream of the girl that also is that times, those who seek play audience love. Although the past is so old, of this one edition ” the bag as just judge ” still be the be worthy of in audience heart is classical.

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Cent of additionally one edition is 02. 3, every person that wrap the personate of save is different part, exceed day of personate Bao Qing by Zhou Jie, Liu Yi, Deng ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” . Among them Zhou Jielun acts the leading role ” little bag ” most famous. Advocate make suspense the plot of a play, carry timely and the gut of inferential careful, weird background music, in young crowd most suffer love. The Bao Zheng of Zhou Jie personate does not have that kind of types of facial makeup in operas of personate of Mr. Jin Chaoqun to change, joined lively disposition, but the face that passes light of his that black light and that bends crescent moon, also accord with the masses the impression to Bao Zheng. Because,also be ” black face ” , those who fear him effect is handsome figure, wu Ji grand rejected this role.

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This one edition ” little bag ” , still have a very absorbing part, that holds the post of a surname plan of fontal personate namely, the Bai Yueguang that believes very much still now person, clever and sagacious, temperamental and elegant, the Yan Zhi of the group takes on.

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Regard kongfu as the Shi Xiaolong of star, criterion personate this one exhibit clear, of his what learn connecting with the boxing skill as a child personate exhibiting clear is do a job with skill and ease more, the armed strength that serves as a group takes on, in process of case of the explore that wrap save, but produced tremendous effect, protected them the safety of whole group, although the person is young, but give a person full safe sense.

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03. new edition breaks up pat ” the teenager wraps blue sky ” , by Jin Shikang the main actor wraps save, forehead has crescent moon, also be black face, the rate with the black face of classical bag blue sky in doing not have audience heart namely, put in certain appearance difference with the figure in audience heart.

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A surname plan of new edition, mix in our memory ” a surname plan ” completely contrary, look to still resemble the figure that is a dandy, the gentle adn cultivated that did not hold the post of fontal edition, demeanour is elegant, your person is surprised.

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And in new edition ” little bag ” in, piece performing the young actor that exhibits clear also is before the Xiao Tianren that personate passes many work, although age is small, but spirit is angry dye-in-the-wood, personate passes net theatrical work ” those who restart extremely the sea listens thunder ” medium small Wu Xie, ” Qing Pingle ” medium small Zhao Zong is solid. Just compared with old edition for, of this one edition exhibit clear to do not have ” military accomplishment ” strength, handsome and superabundant, and heroic spirit is insufficient, “Form ” be like, but ” god ” insufficient.

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Look to break up pat, still feel classical to have classical reason, the market of classic theatrical work that there can be more high quality after the hope appears!

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