Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: See rustic love 14 hind, old to Liu root 5 more expected See rustic love 14, old to Liu root 5 more expected, why so say? Because look,Liu old root system is listed most battle array of at least brunt is affirmatory, rarely new personality is joined, masterstroke is clear.

20220213061937 6208a2f9a6dbb

Rustic love 14 look or let a lot of new personality join, there basically is not masterstroke now, basically be a person much, those who cause a lot of people come on the stage time is not quite much, basically a lot of parts are to come on the stage one part is good, 2 bifurcation came out this, did not see a person next. The direct seeding before Song Xiaofeng, this season is what thing is done not have it seems that. Next this season feels even if such, but Liu Laogen series is better, look now at least or basically be mountain villa and large stage two parts, basically be medical a round mass of food and small musical instrument it is leading role, basically be this masterstroke so, than rustic love masterstroke is made clear now a few, even if mix a few new roles, also do not have what problem, after all leading role is affirmatory, masterstroke also is affirmatory, this still can expect each, and this one Liu Laogen looks the show share of straight increased, also be to be able to expect, so the show share of a round mass of food saying medicine and small musical instrument still should be this to be able to increase a lot of.

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