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Original title: She by 3 without small network drama again fire gives a group, this drama was worth to chase after too I am shallow wheat, click right upper part ” attention ” , share book review dramatic criticism for you everyday, character draft and story!

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Recently, I discovered a good theatrical work. Although just broadcasted when by netizens all sorts of spitting groove, but the large spot that make a face was become however after broadcasting, really sweet! Leave from Feburary 6 since sowing, day broadcasts a quantity to maintain in 30 million above, accumulative total exceeded 160 million, a bit is not defeated contemporaneous those who broadcast is big make die idol theatrical work, of achievement let a person high cannot small gaze. This drama is Qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi’s main actor is ancient occasionally ” beautiful language is endowed with ” . Those who make a person strange is, broadcast a quantity with what go tall continuously contrary is, this drama the public praise of polarization. I was summed up, basically have the following reason: One, whole drama goes out fully cheap because feeling is a small network drama, take so change a respect to let a person look very cheap. Estimation is play staff budget insufficient, dress modelling, scenic very ” be economical ” , picture whole appears come out to also lack simple sense a little. Especially the dress of the female Zhu Qiaoyan that Qiao Xin acts, there often are two small bobs on the head, a few cheap small hair clasp, the unlike that press a root elder sister of government-owned wife and children, resemble a servant girl however. Mix especially other brothers and sisters, government-owned home young ladies when be the same as casing, the instant was killed by the second, annulus of female key light also fails to save. Be in even heroine tall glad gregarious platform of the reply netizen of manner sincerity spit groove, say ” make be not worth somewhat, dan Yan language turns the value kernel that communicate is to be worth to be seen. Dan Yan language turns the value kernel that communicate is to be worth to be seen..

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2, female advocate acting, actor’s lines former voice lets a person jump play has many netizens to feel this drama manufacture in a rough way, without discharge big Ga, female advocate it is Yan Zhila hip more; But also many audiences feel this drama has new idea quite, be worth to look. Who is heroine? Because of,be ” happy eulogy ” the Qiao Xin of the person that act of the Er closing Ju of conflagration. Be in ” happy eulogy ” in, because close the disposition of the part fixed position of Ju Er and tall glad to agree, although have Liu Tao, contrast of such old show bone wears Yang Zi, but agree because of the height of part and actor, as the Qiao Xin of new personality or conflagration. In this drama, the netizen feels Qiao Xin’s Yan Zhicheng does not remove goodwife of such black lotus bright to set. Really, qiao Xin of 28 years old is in ability this year in drama, decretal grain, big pouch, again big filter lens block does not live, empty eyes, the Yan Zhi of not quite bright look has some of Hold not to live it seems that ancient occasionally the camera lens of drama. Even the netizen spits groove, she and close-fitting servant girl were compared to go down when casing together.

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But also the netizen says, who says female advocate cannot appearance is common, heroine actor compares red face of a few nets, face-lifting face has differentiate degree, what figure, appearance, temperament compares a few petite bony in other theatrical work is female advocate look at comfortable. This evaluation is more objective still, to most person, see play complete member Yan Zhigao is charming for certain, also can have some of drama daughter advocate do not rely on Yan Zhi completely, rely on acting get victory. For instance, ” discriminate is passed ” ” send our pure small happiness ” 3, achieving a play formerly is essential ” beautiful language is endowed with ” fixed position is ” drama of ancient costume love ” , can see a review of a play from fixed position advocate those who hit is love. But in the masterstroke in talk feeling, included again fight not less curtilage, the abdomen is black do laugh, the element such as explore case. Men and women advocate the person is set special also denounce happy event, unlike before foolish Bai Tian, just glow person is set. The female Zhu Qiuyan that Qiao Xin acts is a thought advanced, quick-witted and bright black lotus, male advocate it is an abdomen the black person that be in power darkly. This two people meet even if battle of wits fights brave, idea retroflexions, explode again from time to time a gold sentence occasion, let a person look so that be full of interest. Can look sometimes female advocate those saying gold sentence, I suspect this original scenario won’t be to wear Shaoxing opera!

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For instance: Why for bread, eulogize for what camp of battalion of draw water of aspiration draw water is worth, arrived when children condition is chief, daughter home can wait for windfalls is general, those who waiting for God bestow? The feeling that seek calculate comes to, be feeling? Which have male and female feeling so much aqueduct canal into? But 10 market look, feel this teleplay again, rhythm is lively, without messy, invert ceaseless. Among although have memory share, but the need that also is gut development, none laggard, absorbing still continue to look. Insufficient is, respect of logic of record of a few explore, have BUG a bit, some classics do not remove deliberate, but get the better of in gut fluent, still have very much can view a sex.

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Main actor of male and female is intelligence quotient online, strong strong together, say as to Qiao Xin ” value kernel ” , big female advocate independent self-improvement, equality of all living creatures pours not very fresh, advocate if do not have the gut of dog blood,appearing still is can absorbing chase after. In last few years, the net drama of this kind of a lot of small cost often is become explode paragraph. Resemble ” secret corner ” , ” Si Teng ” , ” drive grants small Wu to make ” etc, get to the bottom of sth or play are good, even if other a little some of flaw is indifferent to, should chase after still must chase after! ” is beautiful language endowed with ” were you chased after?

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My self introduction time is below: I am shallow wheat, entire network is homonymic, 85 hind contributor, left hand brings child, the right hand is composed. A review of a play of dedicated book review, the character stalks of grain, the story is shared, hope my share can give you company and warmth, let us spend free lifetime with liked way together! The welcome pays close attention to me!

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