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Original title: Looked ” happy eulogy ” origianl work, I just discover Qiu Yingying can be married Ying Qin, those who lean is to cheat marriage

20220213062123 6208a363bd7b5

Civil / Zhu Ying is in ” happy eulogy ” in 5 beauty, what marry the earliest is Andy, andy and Baoyi always are acted according to child get married, and this marriage or Bao Yifan innumerable trials and hardships are begged come. Because Andy has the idea that does not marry actually, also have the bottom energy of life that does not marry, she can raise the child completely alone, the little brother that raises her even all one’s life, because him Andy has enough sth used to one’s own advantage,the gas end all these is. Andy’s asset is packet of home dragon of in that way edge of a field is familial the enterprise cannot equal, andy of Bao Taihuai doubt is settle on before the property that includes the home contacts Bao Yifan. As a result Bao Yifan says to wrap the home to be in Andy nots worth to be carried in the eye, root of Andy pressing does not see that bit of property that includes the home. His word does not have hyperbole, it is a fact. So Andy is in marriage holds active one party, she is happy marriage.

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And watch Qiu Yingying instead although her marriage does not have Andina know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry, but exceeding however lowliness, lowliness arrives let me feel very be fed up with her such girl. If you ask I am in ” happy eulogy ” I like which most in 5 beauty, I may hesitate below, but if you ask me most be fed up with which, I say none can hesitantly is Qiu Yingying. I had written an article before ” happy eulogy ” medium Fan Sheng beauty is how to reduce step by step ” scoop up female ” , even if Fan Sheng beauty is to scoop up,feel female be close friends than Qiu Yingying a bit. Because Fan Sheng is beautiful,scoop up female, but her anyhow is line of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them, won’t the marriage of participate others reduces a third party, and she besides this, also be perfervid really to the friend.

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And Fan Sheng beauty is stronger than Qiu Yingying is Fan Sheng beauty has proper pride, she parts company with Wang Baichuan later, oneself face the issue in the home, engage in a lawsuit with the elder brother alone, all these proved Fan Sheng is beautiful later is not a person that does not have a bottom line, she most at least still has proper pride finally. But in origianl work Qiu Yingying makes a person stinking, because,this kind is fed up with is not her clumsy, however she this individual is exceedingly selfish, not was the same as manage heart, and be without proper pride but character, not just herself does not have proper pride, the pride that she still yields him parents to put down her will help sb to fulfill his wishes oneself marriage. : of first time love? The first love of  ? Qiu Yingying is the white officer of their company. White officer is her boss, he is actually likely most begin to did not make the motion with apparent what, but enter a company, qiu Yingying differentiates with respect to automatic will white officer for white handsome young man.

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In her elder brother of the Bai Shuai in the eye is ticked off tick off a hand to be able to tick off her fetch. And office amour dispute often abstains from, this Qiu Yingying is impossible to do not know, but do not know to be what, she is very foolish, and her settle on white handsome young man, I saw origianl work, feel actually white handsome young man also is done not have handsome to the sort of condition that confuses all living creatures. Grow so that return justifiable namely, he is moved a little start work, qiu Yingying attacks daringly. And actually she is to a lot of opportunities see her clear later beside of the real features of white handsome young man, but she is really too wriggled, and head of unusual have a love affair. She fell in love with white handsome young man, will whole heart gave him, be without reservation, her dialogue handsome young man is exceedingly trustful, she believes those who love each other to each other are between them, so she basically whats told Bai Shuai elder brother, even if they do not get along, she already the phone the parents in the home, native place address told Bai Shuai elder brother.

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First time of white handsome young man sends a short message to make an appointment with her to attend class together, she is very excited, did not see completely a lot of doubtful point are written at the back of the scrip that Er closing Ju leaves. And beauty of the Fan Sheng before appointment also is to carry nodded her, she also a bit did not listen go in, do not get along with white officer a week, she had not returned all night, er closing Ju worries about her very much, she also the phone is not received, the short message is not answered. Qu Xiaoxiao helped her check to fall later, proved white handsome young man actually fluky, after she is informed the truth, although dialogue handsome young man is angry, but a few words had been fooled by the family, the friend that cares very much usually to her instead special blame, it is to regard personal enemy as more to Qu Xiaoxiao, feel Qu Xiaoxiao accost her boy friend. Say even Er closing Ju to fly does not bite without seam an egg, she is inexorable go, say Er closing Ju sees Qu Xiaoxiao money helps her talk so namely, she says to want to move out finally live.

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Close Ju to feel he is a word thereafter actually say a bit again, want to persuade Qiu Yingying not to move out live, beautiful hit the mark with a single comment of this moment Fan Sheng, qiu Yingying is not angry actually move out, it is to want an excuse to move out to lived together to stop with her white officer nevertheless. And this moment, she and white handsome young man do not spend a month together, such, love of Qiu Yingying first time breaks a body. And after she moves out, she is in the rental room of white handsome young man, also not be very happy, eulogy does not say the joy of environmental be not a patch on over there, and her white handsome young man forbids her to change any his privacy things, no matter be computer and mobile phone,forbid her to touch. These Qiu Yingying was borne, the handsome young man of spoken parts in an opera of a few roommates of white later handsome young man handed in a few rich girlfriends recently, play outside every day, qiu Yingying also is the word that does not believe others, she has the credit of eye of a kind of give up the idea forever to her white handsome young man, till later her saw with one’s own eyes saw white handsome young man get on before her rich the car of 2 acting girls, she just believes all these is true.

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So she just meets this time very sad lose returns happy eulogy village, beauty of her roommate Fan Sheng mixes this time close close to comfort her, fan Sheng beauty vents his anger to give her even, went breaking white slag male rental room, and after the event is gone out not to come in police station by within an inch of of white slag male hole. Fan Sheng beauty is so generous, qiu Yingying still is considering white handsome young man unexpectedly. Go to work the following day, what she thinks is not white handsome young man is betrayed to hers, hope white handsome young man can explain to her however, say everything is misunderstanding, the fine words of apologetic say a few words with if this moment is white true handsome young man, qiu Yingying affirmation can restore good relations with him immediately. But white handsome young man has played be bored with to her, did not want to play, and add Fan Sheng beauty to vent his anger for her, make heart of white handsome young man medium have energy of life, he is so right on the job Qiu Yingying by every means create difficulties for sb, a cornered beast will do something desperate of final Qiu Yingying came out all its disclose, elder brother of this Bai Shuai did not think of, so mouth of white finally handsome young man goes out invective, this moment Qiu Yingying just looks clear truly at the moment the real features of this individual.

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From inside love of Qiu Yingying first time, can see she is the girl of head of a love, it is normal to was lost almost discern ability, experienced first time love so, qiu Yingying also learns acute hearing palpability really some, but the essence that she still fails to change her as before, bring about one fault is again wrong later. The 2nd love: The object of the 2nd love of participate Qiu Yingying and white slag male different, it is a more high grade object, it is economy applicable male Ying Qin. Ying Qin does not have the broken bits of white officer, what also do not have Wang Baichuan is astute, it is the sort of honest person instead, not just such, his age gently, it is the programmer of big company, there is a room to have a car in sea city, and he is returned and Qiu Yingying is fellow-townsman, such lot is rare. So the 2nd love, qiu Yingying attracted failure of first time love to teach a lesson, progress is slower, did not come up to teach the other side oneself entirely.

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But later she the 2nd times love also failed, because Ying Qin cold-shoulders her,not be maiden. There is a room to have the Ying Qin of the car in sea city, although do not have the body home of Bao Yifan and short for Weihe River of the Kingdom of Wei, but he such condition also is not anxious looks for a girlfriend, and he is a honest person, tan Lian loves even if going straight towards those who go to marry. So he marries to what did not come actually the object has a demand, and maiden it is him one of numerous requirement, and Qiu Yingying is not accorded with, parted company naturally. The Qiu Yingying after parting company is very sad, and after parting company, do not have how long, ying Qin looked for the girl of innocence of home of a body to serve as fiancee in native place, two development plan is very fast, because Ying Qin has many to like that girl,not be, however the choose that that girl as it happens satisfied him occasionally standard.

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But the name that his fiancee wants to add his on house property card later, the 3 aunt that return him country 6 mother-in-laws belt goes into town in let Ying Qin help arrangement works, this moment Ying Qin is very grouchy, the fiancee that he does not like him these behavior, because these behavior hurt his profit deeply. So he goes to this moment look for Qiu Yingying to pour out, in this I feel Ying Qin is done incorrectly, since had parted company, should not disturb family girl. And Qiu Yingying is face correspondence is diligent more appear, exceedingly surprizing, she thinks Ying Qin is to look for her to come of reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, the result discovers Ying Qin is pure only grouchy, want to look for her to pour out.

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And Qiu Yingying also is silent listen to him all the time pour out, comfort him, date with him all the time, this business is shut after Ju Er knows, er closing Ju immediately vigilant, saying such action is bad, after letting Qiu Yingying, do not meet with Ying Qin, should not date alone under the counter more. Because without giving thought to how, ying Qin has been the person that has fiancee, they such meeting that draw dispute very easily. But Qiu Yingying did not listen go in of Er closing Ju persuade, she goes out to date with Ying Qin in the evening as before, the small gain that often still pays close attention to Ying Qin before him computer is dynamic. The result had an accident really later, ying Qin and Qiu Yingying were hit by fiancee belt person of Ying Qin, and two people sufferred very serious injury, entered a hospital.

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And after entering a hospital, she is beside Qiu Yingying the neighbour of 22 buildings, and the family of the Ying Qin that she likes and Ying Qin had not sent one’s respects to her. The first word after she awakes asks Ying Qin is what kind of namely, and she still is crying to be troubled by want Fan Sheng beauty to help her see Ying Qin, what she feels Ying Qin is hurt is more serious than her. And she still feels Andy did not give Qian Bangying to turn frequently the courtyard is very abhorrent, it is more important that she gets the better of the United States to say the boy friend compares a friend to fencing even.

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Andy is natural won’t with her lower oneself to the same level as sb, handed in money to go, qu Xiaoxiao is more right she feels without language, the United States also feels even Fan Sheng some hearts are cool, the Er closing Ju with concern better at ordinary times with Qiu Yingying repeatedly is right Qiu Yingying has some of space. But nevertheless, fence to get the better of the United States or saw Ying Qin for her later, go for her explore should domestic one’s intention revealed in saying. And Er closing Ju also helps blocked should the parent goes seeing Qiu Yingying, what because she knows this moment,Qiu Yingying hurts is very heavy, also suffer again do not have more serious blow, so she can use up all likelihoods to let answer the parent does not see Qiu Yingying temporarily, avoid her rage. But should the origin says to closing Ju Er: “Good girl, I am not familiar with big city youth to talk about the custom of the object, the girls here if know before male friend has had fiancee, can often you still come out in the evening alone in front of does male friend have a meal? Do this consider do not calculate normal? Do this consider do not calculate normal??

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This word expressed very clearly to answer actually the mother is right Qiu Yingying’s manner, word respecting this on the portion, er closing Ju also does not know what to say, she also was to understand to answer thoroughly even Ying Qin’s fiancee won’t let off Qiu Yingying. Ying Qin’s fiancee searchs later come, the friend of 22 fears Qiu Yingying can be affected, doctor letting Zhao moves bit of relation to turn Qiu Yingying courtyard, and everybody turns to can make Qiu Yingying successful courtyard, beforehand hit stitch sleeping pill to her. Result after the event, qiu Yingying is informed him to turn the courtyard is successful, and Ying Qin may have a trouble, worry about Ying Qin very much, making a noise to be troubled by should go reinforce is diligent, still say Andy does not give money aid and support diligent namely not should.

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Qiu Yingying takes the advantage of everybody later carelessly, run leave hospital look for Ying Qin, this everybody must be had a hand in should domestic thing, but should domestic thing was to run bonze, her friends help Ying Qin without obligation, and should the home includes Ying Qin also is not very good to Qiu Yingying’s manner. Everybody helps later side answer an issue that handled fiancee, rescued Ying Qin, should the home includes Ying Qin to be thanked to Qiu Yingying, but just also thanked. Everybody is very disappointed, qiu Yingying is very only glad, she feels Ying Qin thanks her, there is her in the heart, two people still have an opportunity for certain.

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I can understand be lovelorn very bad to suffer, but I cannot understand why to had become the past, that man had had fiancee, why do you often go out to date with him even, make the garbage can of his spirit, after the event still helps his home handle those broken issues, and family may not sees you high. But it is too ugly that this do Qiu Yingying really, she for Ying Qin, not hesitate participate, not hesitate displease all friends, she is very selfish, because be opposite for her, likelihood Ying Qin is her best choice, so she wants firmly ground to capture, even if put down dignity.

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The marriage of Qiu Yingying and Ying Qin is to lean ” deceit ” must come most begin to answer the mother puts the attitude very clearly actually, she says: “Xiaoqiu, you want to be together with Ying Qin, I object stoutly. We answer the home is everyday devoir other people only, we look for a daughter-in-law is all one’s life thing. All one’s life very long, can experience a lot of things, encounter a lot of temptation, we are other do not have a requirement, do not beg you to family status, do not request your appearance, what we should search is know proper limits for speech or action to defend a principle smooth and steady the person that passes all one’s life. Cannot be to listen to a few honey-tongued, receive a few dresses that spend a flower to desertion the girl of sense of honor. We do not want you. ” this paragraph of word says very clearly, they answer an other people that wanted daughter-in-law is the sort of frank devoir, not be like Qiu Yingying love of this kind of first time breaks a body absolutely, the girl of participate of the 2nd love.

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And should the home also is very bad, oneself by Ying Qin fiancee the person entwine there, should the mother still leaves brief note to give Qiu Yingying, hope she can save their home, use Qiu Yingying the resource that the infatuation with diligent correspondence will come to to let Qiu Yingying move her saves their home, and after the thing ends, also be a thank stops only. Should the mother is Qiu Yingying of dozen of inmost look down upon of such girl, and Ying Qin also did not see so that many love Qiu Yingying. But finally why can Qiu Yingying marry with Ying Qin? What crucial effect had inside this is to answer father. Should although the home answers the mother does not like Qiu Yingying, but actually husband is done advocate still is to answer father, answer actually father also had not seen Qiu Yingying, ying Qin be in hospital includes the woman there to find a hospital to come, should father did not appear personally.

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And because,letting him finally is to the reason of Qiu Yingying release what is held a phone, by Qiu Yingying the mobile phone is dialed one, but receive audition telephone call by Er closing Ju. It is very flurried that Qiu Yingying faces this telephone call at that time, she is afraid that she says bad, make close close help say, closed Ju Er this to help her so, because,be this phone, should father changed the view to Qiu Yingying. Ying Qin’s father says small Qiu Xiaojie to have deficient, political integrity is good, have affection justice, approbate she and Ying Qin one case. He says he does this thing advocate, ying Qin’s Mom has agreed. Because close the phone rational of Ju Er to have,this manner is, let answer father thinks by accident phone that person is Qiu Yingying, actually most begin everybody to still do not understand why to answer the manner of father was changed suddenly, everybody analysed next ability to understand later should father regarded Er closing Ju as Qiu Yingying.

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This moment Qiu Yingying discovers the thing imagines than her medium serious, so she decides to be cheated after all all the time, until marry, what has been done cannot be undone good with respect to everything say, so the most crucial is she cannot see before marry should father. But this is impossible, qiu Yingying leaves hospital later, should the mother allows Qiu Yingying occupy Home Ying Qin, although Qiu Yingying feels inappropriate, but she or occupy went, and she plans to go in not to come out, but this moment should father called again, because he feels the occupy before marriage goes bad, in him the Qiu Yingying in impression should not be such girl. This moment Qiu Yingying wants to let close Ju Er to help again, this moment passed Ju Er to had known its fact, she rejects to do this business, because she knows deceit won’t have good result, but be unable to bear Qiu Yingying to beg her, she is forced to promise to write down her idea, by him Qiu Yingying call.

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Answer this father is fooled to go again. But before long hind, qiu Yingying goes to a hospital seeing Ying Qin, she was encountered should father, met, qiu Yingying is thoroughly confused, she is not Er closing Ju, whatever is installed, won’t resemble closing Ju Er, so she decides little speech, after the event and Ying Qin discuss to make mistake less before marriage, should so problem You Yingqin answers domestic parents, and Qiu Jiafu’s mother is all the problem replies by Qiu Yingying. Qiu Yingying resolved the crisis again, but this moment should father had suspected somewhat, after his discovery meets, the Qiu Yingying in the imagination and the Qiu Yingying that he sees are very different, have very big difference, this moment should father already special suspicion. So this time goes Qiu Yingying the father and mother that begs her thinks way, she says to her parents: “I like Ying Qin very much, must he. Your ten million helps my hook in they are one. Your ten million helps my hook in they are one..

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Yes, she should be together frequently to can be mixed, the parents that wants her is humbly go and answer word of domestic come to an agreement or understanding, qiu Fu gets Qiu Jia to let Ying Jiajiao is not the other people that does not have custom, before should the face of domestic parents made Qiu Yingying a slap on the face, say she should not make the issue of the sort of participate. Actually these are used without what, answer later father and should the mother lets a person pretend even intermediary, say the house had been hired to go out, and the mother that there been beening Qiu Yingying and Qiu Yingying inside Ying Qin’s house, and Qiu Yingying has been moved from happy eulogy village thoroughly. When intermediary was troubled by greatly that day, qiu Yingying but can return happy eulogy only, and Qiu Yingying’s room has been fenced to get the better of the United States to occupy, that inner room that lives before fencing Sheng Meizhi also occupy new tenant, for be economical herself oneself and mother make a bed on the floor in the sitting room, her father makes a bed on the floor on the corridor of 22 buildings.

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And the following day her father one big early go out, go to a hospital, because Ying Qin left hospital that day, her father is mixed humblily should domestic deal with, answer actually the home is not to want to identify Qiu Yingying, but Ying Qin returns the home to discover Qiu Yingying is absent later, rage, this moment should domestic parents adapt oneself to changing circumstances says ability everything is misunderstanding, let Qiu Yingying be moved. Experienced this thing, qiu Fu understood to answer thoroughly domestic meaning, he says: “They let us know, jade-like stone jade-like stone the son that does not want to control them. Be troubled by this, our imposing manner lost at a draught, later jade-like stone jade-like stone see they are gotten short 3 minutes, do not want to be contended for with them again. They still let us know, they have idea at any time us jade-like stone jade-like stone how, jade-like stone jade-like stone have only later obedient this route can go. Have again, although still marry finally, but marry time have to by them, it is no longer originally of come to an agreement or understanding leave hospital to do. They say to do immediately now, still be pair of our bestow favours, we must thank them. We short directly. Betrothal gifts of what, did not want to be carried again. I look, their Xiaoying likes if it were not for really we jade-like stone, see, it is better that two children experience a relation this. Besides, we also are looking is good person home, have creditable, do not agree act shamelessly, before unlike one is being occupied not move nest, our home tells a truth, after they just do not worry about us, occupy should the home is cheap. As long as a little within an inch of so meaning, they won’t want us jade-like stone. They won’t want us jade-like stone..

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Qiu Yingying is married so namely of Ying Qin, her marriage does not have dignity, without love, exceedingly low-down, after she marries, have obedient share only. The mother answers to want the friend disengage before she and happy eulogy before marriage, must not come and go, and the job does not go out after Ying Qinxi hopes she marries, in housewife of home husband front courtyard, the daily life that takes care of him lives. This marriage, qiu Yingying’s friend helps her resolve a trouble, also help should the home resolved a trouble, after the event does not have a thank however, it is more important that in Qiu Yingying the boy friend in the eye compares a friend, such selfishness is how is cool thin. And should the home did not spend a minute of money to collect a daughter-in-law in vain, qiu Yingying does not have a friend, did not work, she so should be stoop to compromise married is Ying Qin why? Because answer,the home is in balance advantages and disadvantages, qiu Jiaye is in balance interest.

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To Qiu Yingying such family, can marry Ying Qin, in sea city take root, it is very rare opportunity, and Qiu Yingying correspondence is diligent of be dead set like, did not want even self-respect, and Qiu Yingying’s parents also for the daughter humbly without proud compromise out of consideration for the general interest, just can marry the person that wants to marry for the daughter. But without the friend, without working Qiu Yingying, can you be with Ying Qin really in marriage long? I do not know, but I know, this world has rife Qiu Yingying actually such woman, they abandoned a friend for marriage, quited the job, ground of day after day is paid for the family, do not pursue the man’s money, loving that man intently, and never cause a trouble to him, very obedient, exceedingly low-down. It is good to just hope Qiu Yingying can love Ying Qin so forever, and Ying Qin also has conscience, won’t abandon finally Qiu Yingying. Without giving thought to how, I do not like Qiu Yingying really, hope this world does not have Qiu Yingying such girl, because too low-down, such lowliness makes a person very difficult like to go up.

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