Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” miraculous stupid child ” booking office is broken 1 billion into Chinese shadow history film of booking office of the 95th billion

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According to beacon major edition solid duration is occupied, up to on Feburary 13 12 when 58 minutes, the film ” miraculous · stupid child ” accumulative total booking office is broken through 1 billion, into Chinese shadow history film of booking office of the 95th billion.

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” miraculous · stupid child ” it is You Wenmu wild hold guide, ning Hao supervise the manufacture of, easy melt the film that beneficial of the 1000 royal seal, Wang Chuanjun, plum that chant, Huang Yao, Zhang Jia acts the leading role. This film was shown in Chinese inland on Feburary 1, 2022. The Jing Hao that the film tells about 20 years old is being taken alone year young the little sister will to Shenzhen live, sibling two lives warmth is short of money however. Under good luck coincidence, jing Hao got a chance, this good thinking that the life is forthcoming, encounter unexpectedly however inflict heavy losses on. Depending on the unremitting like the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains, jing Hao struggles tenaciously, score a success finally.

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It is reported, easy melt 1000 royal seal present as leading role to act the leading role ” of the teenager you ” , ” send you a small safflower ” , ” long ferry lake ” , ” floodgate bridge ” , ” miraculous · stupid child ” 5 films are defeated entirely 1 billion! Among them, ” of the teenager you ” Chinese shadow history the 72nd 1 billion film; ” send you a small safflower ” Chinese shadow history the 79th 1 billion film; ” long ferry lake ” Chinese shadow history the 90th 1 billion film; ” floodgate bridge ” Chinese shadow history the 93rd 1 billion film; ” miraculous · stupid child ” Chinese shadow history the 95th 1 billion film.

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