Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Often depend on without place: The Jing Song movie with good grading, clue tension is very good, be worth to look! Seeing a movie generally speaking is to see a few more wonderful work, or the subject matter kind that oneself like! And I am the closest because compare leisure, saw this grading so pretty good still ” often depend on without place ” because this film in a sense can give me to bring,comprehend, itself of this film film gimmick and audience public praise had been held out, understood so, look slowly next!

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Regard Song of a Jing as the film of the type, actually story itself is a life, just the part of their personate compares leading role extreme just! Substantially a film or the reason that can understand the condition of leading role and narration, give an audience a kind of acknowledge thereby! Above all the story setting in film is put in a countryside, among them leading role is an old cowboy, because a few worthy things discovered when hunt kills antelope, also decide possess oneself of thereby! Although wanting to use worthy thing to change his present life, but also drew illegal member, spread out thereby a series of abscond and be chased after to kill!

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Whole department film tells an audience through gut, face film actually each individual content when, he is having bright character to model, is not to give an audience to preach, when so whole looks, I am the sense that can feel tension of some kind of gut, so film also is pretty pretty good, be worth high component really!

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