Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Summer is necessary amative secret book ” when her love ” go up tomorrow evening line Of course we expect long already ” when her love ” also come ~

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This drama was told about, south Tang Jia of rich home son of a feudal prince or high official (Wang Ruichang is acted the role of) spent 18 kinds ” act shamelessly ” kongfu, go after duckweed of wind of all-purpose and mysterious heroine with sincerity and sincerity (He Hua is acted the role of) story. The clue in drama is relaxed and lively, have touch also have joy. Why should look ” when her love ” ? Above all the actor that we see this play. ” when her love ” present as leading role to act the leading role by He Hua, Wang Ruichang, Wei Zheming, Li Rening, luo Zheng is special piece act, wang Youjun, Wang Jiameng, Pu Tao, crane male, Chen Peng 10 thousand Li Lianmei’s main actors. These names feel at first sight some are unfamiliar, but elder sister of a list of names posted up believes, you know them certainly! He Hua + Wang Ruichang = ?

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Look familiar?

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Right namely ” the soul ferries · Acheron ” ” 37 ” and ” immortal ” ah! Did not think of they still can renew leading edge this, the outcome that just does not know this whether round wide audience Where is a half-baked dream? Still remember ” did you decide Long Riyi to death ” the elder brother Long Hai inside one?

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Tender sea one elder brother the eldest son that this the Tang Hao cloud of personate is Tang Jia, tender on feeling concentrated pay silently again, the figure that is the elder brother of adjacent home eldest brother that loves most in one’s childhood is correct. ” the blame that lays formerly ” in quick-witted and spell able policewoman, land leaves indispensable assistant Wen Miaoling, the Liu Qiao that is us (Li Rening is acted the role of) ~

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Be in this ” when her love ” in of personate is Tang Jiaxiong younger brother arrives as a child big playmate Liu Qiao.

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What kind of story will they have again between 3 people?

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Serve as Luo Zheng get an electric shock first a show, he is in drama of personate is female Zhu Fengping (He Hua is acted the role of) ” good boudoir is sweet ” Fang Junhao, those who happen on his body ” affection predestined relationship ” also let a person be full of expect. Amative happiness, we are witting the name that next we see this play — ” when her love ” . We draw a key first, “Love ” . Summer, always be met and ” love ” having the affinity that says not clear path is unidentified, be like drama name ” when her love ” , listen to a name to let a person have countless solely daydream and expect.

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Drama still is done not have on line, smooth from inside titbits video, men and women advocate daily sweet already acerbity poured a big passerby.

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A such collect are neat each fine actor, gut is sweet and not the drama of be bored with should be immediately on actor cruel line, what still waiting for? Chase after ~

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