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Original title: ” broken ice acts ” the enlightenment with vivid opposite, mostly contain is in these 3 paragraphs of stories Introduction: ” broken ice acts ” the enlightenment with vivid opposite, mostly contain is in these 3 paragraphs of stories

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We see the first paragraph of story first, happen it is on the body of water uncle, water uncle is one of drama poor person, also be character of a brim, by money wave personate. On one hand his itself is dope, peddle contact with often with rock-bottom poison, on the other hand he as poisonous as arrest alarm Li Fei be on friendly terms, often provide a help to him. Likelihood inchoate moment, we know water uncle is the person that one lives in the glean and collect scraps of social ground floor only, but the story that goes up as his body later is opened, so this abjection middleaged man, have unexpectedly so a pitiful experience.

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Shui Baiyuan is the teacher that everybody reveres originally, there is good life in tower stockaded village, but the happiness of all these was destroyed by drugs, the son is killed by person place, oneself are deep-set also the lair of drugs cannot extricate oneself, get an end that the family broke up finally. This story line can say water uncle was to touch a lot of people, also refract gave appearance of a kind of society, wear with Shui Baiyou in reality the person of similar experience is absent a few, there is wonderful life before their drug taking probably, once touch,can go up after drugs, of associate with a variety of had nothing to do with you, pass through water uncle the experience of this character, make we knew so a truth: Having curiosity is meddlesome, but scarcely can be used in ” crooked means ” on, without giving thought to what reason, cannot touch a concern with drugs, the person that deny will drop into the condition of beyond redemption.

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The 2nd paragraph of story happening is on five young body, he and Shui Baiye have source quite. In drama at the beginning when, explained the small poison that five young is a ground floor to peddle, all day long and pitted wait for a person to fool around together, if give birth to orbit to go according to this individual, this all one’s life abandoned the likelihood. But under good luck coincidence, five young and water uncle become attached to, a few stories on his body just are able to show. Two people go up because of respective affection be short of break, found on body of the other side finally place, in pairs poisonous give up, regain comes among normal life.

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Five young also is youth of a discontinue one’s studying actually, he comes out 15 years old to work, a few years short did ten works, such character is very much in reality, the young person of discontinue one’s studying that has tens of thousands of every year swarms into a society, became a common phenomenon. Five young is later below the help of water uncle, plan regain campus. But teleplay is teleplay after all, five young can get saving atone for is playwrite only the thing of a word just, but youths of those discontinue one’s studying in reality, even if was to regret to want farewell school, be afraid difficult cough up! Pass through the achievement of five young so, the hope can admonish those are in the student of school, campus life is the most valuable time in your life, must know cherish, do not wait lost ability to know to regret.

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The 3rd paragraph of story happens in Cai Yongjiang to go up personally, this is an extremely attractive person, but inchoate moment is not valued by the audience, until after gut is Anacreontic, cai Yongjiang enters the most pleasant stage gradually, the ground is analysed to all things like be being hanged as leaving very lucid, its heat also when the river rises the boat goes up too, exceeded leading role for a time people. Cai Yongjiang is in the phase that is suspected by Li Fei, had had a talk twice with Li Weimin, and talk twice this he was mentioned same a thing, be their work life then is not easy, it is to answer only everyday intimidate lure by promise of gain is already exhausted.

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Actually Cai Yongjiang is poison of the arrest in reality alarm true portraiture, for opposite Yu Lifei, cai Yongjiang is more mature and sedate, know for overall situation consider, reality unlike teleplay, creed of recumbent individual hero and harum-scarum and actuation disposition are arrest not poisonous, what face because of them is a flock of frenzied poison are peddled, show flaw to be able to give oneself and family possibly to bring disaster at the same time a little. Pass conversational content of Cai Yongjiang, let us understand them more this one group, it is good to understood our years is static, because countless heroes go before load,be, this happiness that takes a life to be changed to them lives, what reason do we have to be not cherished again?

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Five young gets the final Shui Baihe of teleplay save atone for, be admitted by the society afresh, cai Yongjiang obtains put sb in a very important position, shine brilliantly in arrest poison action, village of tower stockaded village is carried, everything forward good way develops. This drama gives me feeling the deepest is these gut stories, they become independent each other, mutual correlation, as tiny stream like flowing, collected Jiang He finally this big masterstroke, besides touch besides, the most important is the philosophic theory that it yielded us to understand a lot of lives, only from this on one hand for, ” broken ice acts ” it is a terrific play, the enlightenment with vivid opposite, dou Yun hides between gut story, accomplished contain to teach Yu Le truly.

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