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Original title: ” the action that break ice ” gut frequency shows flaw, although the director is exculpatory, its viewpoint also have not a leg to stand on Introduction: ” the action that break ice ” gut frequency shows flaw, although the director is exculpatory, its viewpoint also have not a leg to stand on

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” broken ice acts ” actually at the beginning when performance is good really, but after gut enters later period, it seems that at somebody’s convenience was to change an appearance, do not have an attention in detail respect not only, and go up in gut also frequency shows flaw, defeat light all good impression of the audience are spent, so that everybody is right,this play raised doubt.

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” broken ice acts ” after receiving Guan Zhi, face the doubt sound that blots out the sky and cover up the earth on the net, yo of director Fu Dong also came out to apologize by force of pressure, but besides the apology, the flaw of a few gut that he still puts forward to the audience undertakes explaining.

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Calculate Lin Zonghui to do not have method, be written on paper, so call Cai Jun to go before long again? Because Cai Jun is OK of stockaded village of free discrepancy tower, if such doing,adventure also need not come before equestrian Wen.

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Retreat 10 thousand paces to tell, when Ma Wen comes, doesn’t she take a picture? Best method takes a picture immediately namely, send Li Weimin, it is list of destroy by melting or burning next, do not be afraid of so from the back meeting assault examination exposed Lin Yaodong’s person. Ma Wen is a person that has gotten professional training, and have experience of a lot of actual combat, connect me this layman knows how to should be done, can she know?

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Additional, with respect to in the light of this paragraph of play character, still have flaw of a few gut, cai Xiaoling is already for instance sick into death at that time, but medical knowledge understands inside the battle array of relieve a sick or injured person that the hospital expedites have Chen Ke of a nurse only, and Ma Wen and driver are layman, such battle array can emergency treatment? The person that has bit of common sense a little knows, in not clear patient it is what circumstance below, least meeting has visit a patient at home of doctor of a whole family, is not to resemble ” broken ice acts ” inside same, such practice looks in me is to do not have the life that takes Cai Xiaoling to should return a responsibility at all, too trifling matter.

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This paragraph makes fun of, in detail respect also be via removing deliberate, for instance since disguise dresses up Ma Wen, what power cannot give so when enlisting first aid for certain, make a right-hand seat at most, she is diagnosed without ability, but the unlined long gown that what we see she is worn however is a doctor, and the dress that Chen Ke is a nurse, inside our normal acknowledge, should be conversely? Doctor advocate examine, the nurse makes a right-hand seat. It is so above this paragraph of play, playwrite is unwary, apparent need not heart, this pardonable also audience does not buy sheet.

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To the get shotting at the back of Ma Wen, audience people also expressed dissatisfaction, but we go up apologetically from what direct Fu Dong Yo in light of, the dissatisfaction that he makes fun of the audience to this paragraph ascribes to above the glamour that the glamour of the part and drama make, to this I also am not dare agree without giving serious thought, we are actually furious Ma Wen gets shot, because she leaves be willing to part with or use and do not annoy,not be, however Ma Wen gets shot this thing can need not happen, because have twice can if take optimal way, so Ma Wen won’t get hurt absolutely, it is playwrite arranged her to choose two only most the processing means of clumsy.

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So the director gets hurt Ma Wen be attributed to ” which have years static good, just be somebody is taken for us numerous before row ” above be misgivings, although this word is right, but be being used in Ma Wen is inappropriate really on the body, still be that word, if be the word in reality, ma Wen is can need not get hurt. Probably director of no less than wants to convey in that way, those who pass Ma Wen get shot will show the emotion such as pathos, brave, sacrifice, want to touch an audience, but outsmart oneself however, bring about a quarrelling sound.

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