Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” white hair ” : Not only teach preparing gets offline, qi Ye of mark welcome look got offline! Be the final result that you want? ” white hair ” big ending, the part that you like may get offline! Netizen: This what ending? The word says, since teleplay ” white hair ” go up after the line, no matter be the acting of actors, still be the set of story clue, deep attraction many people, so that this teleplay, from go up line beginning, become everybody to heat up the topic that discuss. But, again good-looking teleplay, when having big final result, this, many media coverages say today, the teleplay that you do not think to see ” white hair ” big ending, also came eventually!

20220213070852 6208ae848c698

Just, between the report of media, teleplay ” white hair ” big ending, also too let a person cannot be accepted! Earlier moment, media coverage says, the teach that everybody likes very much prepares will get offline between the gut tonight. Did not pass how long, again media coverage says, not only teach preparing gets offline, qi Ye of mark welcome look got offline! Not only such, the means that these people get offline, reckon netizens also are accepted hard temporarily. Media coverage says, the hand of mother of an emperor of sweet get killed of teach preparing, mark, otherworldly good-bye! Although did not offer a look clearly,get offline together means, but from media at the beginning ” Fu Chouhen welcome look died together ” if among the problem, we also can see, the look gets offline together means, it may not be a bad idea does not go where. So, ” white hair ” big ending, the part that you like may get offline! Be the final result that you want?

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From at the beginning, the allows neat, classics to exceed personate a surname of Luo Yunxi personate prepares and the mark of personate of old Xin Yu is sweet, very the jubilation that gets authority. Especially teach preparing and mark are sweet the love story of the chilly beauty between, was to move more a lot of people. Although such ending, not be the final result that everybody wants, but retreat 10 thousand paces to tell, fu Chouneng and oneself beloved mark is sweet be together to death, also be a better outcome! Nevertheless, to this ending, netizens are accepted hard it seems that. In relevant comment area, full is the sound that netizens oppugn. Those who say is most, namely ” this what ending ” ? “It is afflictive that playwrite does not keep the person dead ” ? Even, the netizen expresses directly ” I go, those who like is dead ” ! This shows, everybody is sweet to teach preparing, mark, allow what wait for a person together to get offline, be how do not abandon!

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So, besides these 3 people, tonight ” white hair ” among big ending, who still can get offline? Of the personate of Rong Lehe Li Zhiting that Zhang Xue greets personate without care, is ending what kind of? We see teleplay together, go seeking the solution together!

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