Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Group photo cuts down old enemy, do this calculate scheming? Female round competition is too intense, this is opposite graceful of Li Yitong yellow graceful in former days enemy ” be troubled by ” arrive one case.

20220213070839 6208ae779c083

Yesterday, li Yitong is in group li of hair SNH48 placard, still say those who pat is quite good-looking.

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This operates Li Yitong to draw a netizen very quickly to spit groove, somebody feels she has scheming, just meet she is new the line on drama, have hype suspicion very much.

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The behavior that returns somebody to say her too Low, cutting others into parts so is to be afraid of be admired to press.

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Look so, still be really so one and the same, what Li Yitong sent a picture to dismiss several people really.

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But the netizen thinks: “What cut pursues is not Huang Tingting, those who send a plan is not Huang Tingting, of the speech not be Huang Tingting more, pluvial graceful does not have melon, it is him Li Yitong is in blind hey. Annual always choose fell again, of Li Yitong and yellow graceful graceful right definitely, won’t absent like returning Zhugege. won’t absent like returning Zhugege..

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Return somebody to say, she is installed repeatedly be disinclined to install.

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SNH48 year total final fell last year next heavy curtain, li Yitong, Huang Tingting, Feng Xin become 3 strong, accept when interviewing, 2 people are shown by the outside each other is not responded.

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Huang Tingting hands microphone Feng Xin when, li Yitong’s expression is such.

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As to arrived Li Yitong interviews time, huang Tingting also is thought one face is chill.

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CP pink feels this two people have love too, “Card is yellow ” still patted a MV.

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20220213070849 6208ae8169e64

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It is reported has second supervising and urge when Li Yitong experienced dance, 2 people had stick to one’s position. Li Yitong refuses to obey Huang Tingting, encircle attack by innuendo in the friend: “Involve your fart issue, hot chicken ” .

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Do not know everybody to feel Li Yitong is aimed at Huang Tingting?


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