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Original title: ” white strong person ” gut is very wonderful, but still have a lot of ” bad ” clue

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” white strong person ” gut is very wonderful, but still have a lot of ” bad ” clue

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So, ” white strong person ” reflect successfully again in which a few respects?

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The 2 professional morality that are a doctor and human nature are greedy stronger. Drama centers a few Jing enchanted the setting of fetch, reflected the real unfavorable situation of Hong Kong instantly however. It is especially in medical treatment incident, let an audience see a doctor scrupulously and respectfully the professional spirit that uses up post profession morality and heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Also let us see the dark one side that flourishing backside is about to develop by authority at the same time, in morality and greedy choice, it is the flash before one that let us see human ray more, this kind to human nature torturous, can obtain the resonance of the audience and affirmation of course.

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At present ” white strong person ” fabaceous valve gives a mark already change arrives 8.6 minutes, without doubt, ” white strong person ” it is the drama market with TVB the hottest near future. But in still many audiences pointed out this drama ” bad ” place. An undergraduate says: This drama should is in last few years of the summit summit of TVB make, but still have a lot of detail expression is faulty, the button is not buckled when for instance cure of a few setting protects personnel to wear coverall, still a nursery school hurts person incident to act a bit hamly, dramatic apparently strong at the life true.

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