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Original title: Be in ” between the world ” , understand ” parental love ” simple with romance 20220213071000 6208aec8059d6 Teleplay ” between the world ” had broadcasted in CCTV 20 much collect, become arrive from the Spring Festival winter abstruse this for a short while Duan Li, little some can distribute the teleplay part of many attention. Not only in old people loves to look, the youth is right also its open the mode that seek theatrical work. Zuo of playwrite king sea speaks of, rely on quality, ” between the world ” just can let an audience hate to part with times fast watch, “If if you are used double fast the drama that will see me, I admit for certain, it is I am written not quite well. ” ” between the world ” it is a very individual work really. Although on creation it appears special gravity, lineal, but did not cut down it view and admire a gender, be enmeshed feeling and ponder over value. It is teleplay creation enters pattern after various, type is multivariate, was pressed suddenly suspensive key, in the creation thinking that returned the past next, serious, one action one type ground goes telling about the story, work that portrays a character. Even if is the capital of backside, also pleasant resides a behind the curtain, all halo, the role that abdicate gave this department theatrical work, advocate achieve, let drama make itself, give off light silently on screen. This is one films the work with more expensive difficulty. Its homonymic origianl work is Liang Xiaosheng’s novel, work of bear the palm of award of cogongrass aegis literature, emperor the emperor 1 million words, the character is numerous, and describes time, a lot of memory has covered this world. Manufacture to just vacate dispatch movie industry how to let a such stories attract different age group audience, generate the will of understanding again to past years, this is ” extensive recreation spends a period ” a difficult problem. Teleplay ” between the world ” the method that solve a problem is, emphasize go keeping a person, write a person to be in of difficult period tenacious with tough, write a person to still can maintain affective chroma in all over the country, write a person how to depend on little in agonized day sweet can laugh at phonate to come… the person has been written, times feature came out with respect to the ground like develop, contrast had, instantly audience also can find the cut that enters an old practice easily, become aware to be made to drama kept people of a certain kind of ancestors, father and elder brothers already, also wrote oneself. Watch ” between the world ” , discover it makes moving tricks of the trade, no more than is to had been used ” favour ” with ” affection ” this simple two. Loving-kindness, loving-kindness, two this simple words, coming 100000 is haunt Chinese brain and mind. Can say to be in long time, a lot of Chinese are in the first thought that awakes in the morning, reveal the person related to these two words and thing with respect to meeting float. Namely this just a little 10 years since, modern course quickened the people dependence to regular, system and accredit, special personification, secret change ” loving-kindness creed ” and idea of ethics of morality of its backside tradition, begin to retreat house ever since, ” between the world ” to ” loving-kindness ” record and expression, can let an audience sleep lightly abruptly, so we once among the life, depend on merely ” loving-kindness ” , can maintain, the concern that fasten department, consolidate can offer warmth and safe sense more so. ” between the world ” in reflect ” favour ” the character concerns, the mainest body now Zhou Bingkun (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) with Zheng Juan (Yan Tao is acted the role of) on the body, grasping elder brother has to Zheng Juan favour, old obligation does legwork send living cost, after charge origin was broken, sell ancestral bracelet child the family that continues to send money to feed Zheng to beautiful this has a rough time. Zheng Juan has to Zhou Bingkun favour, break down in stalk of head of mom of grasping elder brother after the bed, zheng Juan handles chore with both hands, allow Zhou Jia’s men, need not suffer influence ground to busy severally. Grasping elder brother and Zheng beautiful, the appeal between the men and women is the first, but the heart that each other some pays a debt of gratitude, just be them what concern firm is essential. In love pay a debt of gratitude composition, look already special and classic now, ” between the world ” come out its dot, make the person sees the internal composition of Chinese type love, once had so ” pillar ” . The parental week mark in drama is strong (fourth Yong Dai is acted the role of) , Li Suhua (Sarina is acted the role of) , also be the husband and wife that has newspaper loving-kindness tie to each other, if not have ” favour ” prop up, imagine very hard, li Suhua can be after each district of a disperse, still can grasp with young son offspring one case, standing fast, for the family member of distance, offerring a lot of look at with expected argument; Qu Xiuzhen of soy factory secretary (Zhang Kaili is acted the role of) to 6 youths in the factory consideration has add, this ” old lady ” with at hand these a few workers, have misunderstanding, have human relationship, have engage in a battle, about love, also formed the concern that pays a debt of gratitude each other finally. As to Qiao Chunyan (Huang Xiaolei is acted the role of) to doing Mom close with take care of, feng Huacheng (Cheng Tai is acted the role of) genuflect thanks Zhou Fu to agree daughter Zhou Rong (Song Jia is acted the role of) marry him, cai Xiaoguang (Wang Yang is acted the role of) be opposite because of the reason of classmate Zhou Rong the keep an eye on of Zhou Jiayi family, and even at soy factory ” 6 lordling ” between eat eat and drink drink, dozen fight noisely be troubled by etc, all without exception is had ” favour ” element and composition. Such affection, let a person look not only feel true, dependable, and the heart will be envy of generation of from the bottom of one’s heart, yearning. ” between the world ” in write ” affection ” special also reach the designated position. Zhou Bingkun and the love between Zheng Juan, it is to be in ” no-no ” of the generation below the environment, but they use a few years of long time, slowly with so called ” no-no ” antagonism, revealed ” affection ” the sort of force. The one act that there is Zheng Juan to coerce Zhou Bingkun admits to like her actively in drama is written very attractively, “The person considers a person, think a the dead ” , 6 simple words, generalized the intense condition when love chroma reachs a boiling point, such ” affection ” , be type of constant effort brings success, it makes a person clinking believe, in the large tree that grows in megalithic aperture, can carry all harships certainly, and all the time branch numerous Xie Mao goes down. Because Zhou Rong likes Feng Huacheng’s poetry, and with family leave without say goodbye, follow poet arrived Guizhou remote mountains; Because Qiao Chunyan likes Cao Debao (Zhang Ruihan is acted the role of) play harmonica, gave a wicked idea to marry his to him; Zhou Bingyi (Xin Baiqing is acted the role of) with Hao Dongmei (Sui Junbo is acted the role of) collective in complex environment advance and retreat… these characters and clue, having ” parental love ” simple with romance, also having mind consummate chasteness and powerful. Such affection depict, it is pure and fresh, for ” between the world ” the subject matter of this one massiness, infuse a lot of and lightsome, so this drama is in most length and do not have heavy feeling, bright with warmth, appreciate with believe, those who become it is thematic. ” between the world ” it is to need to experience with what be enmeshed, this, times fast watch undoubted meeting to desertion a lot of is worth that taste the stuff with experience. Contrary, if can a few slower, with everyday the speed of one collect is watched, or the flavor that can experience years and days more, become aware to be being accompanied the hope that waits to come together and cheerful. Can maintain basically now, ” between the world ” it is the another successful masterpiece that serious belletristic work undertakes movie and TV is changed. It is in achieve gender, innovation to adapt formerly, the experience that the field place such as output of viewpoint of value gains, can be applied at head of other greater part of belletristic work adapt a body to go up. (primary problem is ” in ” between the world ” , understand ” parental love ” simple with romance ” origin of month of author Han Hao is insurgent news) editor: Wang Hang plans as a whole: Wang Pan

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