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Original title: Overflow after power times, super hero how ” again obtain employment ” ?

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Leave actor name: In the gram this the masterpiece outside Si Manwei of · dust article: ” Xue Guolie car ” ” talent girl ” prospective work plan: ” club of dive of the Red Sea ” , ” sharp gives scabbard ” , ” defend Yagebu ” (beautiful theatrical work) , ” change to blame medical service personally ” , ” infinite ” on the other hand, free power also more apt expires in actor agreement later (because remuneration is honest taller and taller) , a few new roles are developed in on 1000 parts of caricature. Kelisi ever said: “Oneself leave other people of total have an easy time to drive you to go ” . Overcome li of Si Zao to begin to receive the motion picture that takes different type in fact, have the plan that turns to the behind the curtain to become a director early even. Name of actor of steely a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct: Small Rob is special the masterpiece outside Ni Manwei of · the Tang Dynasty: ” Zhuo Bielin ” , ” judge old father ” , ” Er of great detective good fortune rub this ” plan of series future work: ” Youkatan ” , ” the Du Lide that blame medical service ” , ” Er of great detective good fortune rub this 3 ” , ” puppet adventure is written down ” when this actor of 54 years old is young with the talent celebrated, degenerate for a time later indulge, arrive in the person middleaged hind encountered ” steely a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” , ascend professional summit summit again. To him of all previous Jing Qianfan, free power of the universe get together medicinal powder early it is the thing in expect, nowadays although he still has a lot of free power the film contract besides is in personally, but the son that he is willing to spend time in company 7 years old more, and fill on has misreaded drama market, for instance ” the game of influence ” . Thor actor name: Prospective work plans Kelisi Haimusiwosi: ” the limit is rescued ” , ” lie bottom ” when the intermediary outside be being accepted is interviewed, kelisiming expresses to won’t film again inside this year truly any work, want to be waited for together with family child only, he says: “I want to look after children people go to school, and I may do not have an opportunity all the year round. Perhaps, now is moment cashs promise. ” leave name of amazed header actor: Prospective work plans Buli Larsen: ” just mercy ” , ” alone horny animal shop ” , ” female businessman ” name of bizarre doctor actor: Bennidikete Kangbaibaji overflows power outside masterpiece: ” the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of divine explore summer is overcome ” , ” Fulanken Si Tan ” , ” imitate game ” prospective work plan: ” bizarre doctor 2 ” , ” iron sheet wood ” , ” hematic hill ” , ” pilfer of Jing day demon is round 3 ” , ” canine force ” filming allegedly ” bizarre doctor ” when, the play staff ever was his delay to film designedly. He also is minority when filming, had looked ” answer couplet ” the actor of whole scenario. Name of black widow actor: Sijiali Johnson overflows power outside masterpiece: ” she ” , ” the dot that surpass end ” , ” midnight Barcelona ” , ” lose Tokyo ” , ” the girl that wears pearl earring ” prospective work plan: ” tall tall hare ” , ” exceed system 2 ” , ” black widow ” , ” alone eye a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” however in last few years role of the woman in super hero rises abruptly ceaselessly, not only amazed header, of DC magical female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct also is puissant competitor. As to ” black widow ” whether can let Si Jiali return to summit summit, still be unknown.

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