Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” the peak that accompanies you to reach the world ” will sow, wang Yibo is reincarnate electric contest talent, female 2 colour costs are higher Show subject matter of of all kinds nowadays movie and TV in succession emerge in large numbers, besides green drama, drama of electric contest drama, rob a tomb more attract the masses, the drama of rob a tomb that just decided archives for instance ” angry sea goes sanded ” and ” tree of Qin Ling god ” . As to electric contest subject matter, did not sow first of fire have ” full-time ace ” and ” sweet juice stews a squid ” , temperature is extremely high, and recently drama of another report contest ” the peak that accompanies you to reach the world ” released new stage photo, predict to leave very quickly sowed.

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Wang Yibo personate male advocate Ji Xiangkong, player of athletics of a talent profession is in drama, set foot on ” not small talk, with have deep love for saving force ” the road that grow. In expose to the sun in the stage photo that go out, contemporary modelling exceeds Wang Yibo handsome, all show green sunshine, energy is sheer. Wang Yibo acting is masterly and natural, still be in this year wait for sow drama ” Chen Qing makes ” personate is blue forget machine, still have ” lyceum of private Sichuan hill ” , resource is very pretty good still.

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Personate of a person of extraordinary powers of severe the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty male 2 Pei Xi, it is player of talent profession athletics, ji Xiangkong’s good friend. Yan Yuhao goes out old, be in before shadow edition ” the summer of bubble ” personate male 2 Luo Xi, be in ” natant gentleman ” personate male advocate blue sky, partner goddess brings up Jing Dai , still remain to sow drama this year ” I love days church you ” , ” cannon fodder strategy ” etc, resource is quite pretty good still.

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Ding Guansen personate male 3 Lin Yixuan, it is the happy fruit in drama, the bosom puts a dream not to abandon, with action confirm sincerity, from the point of stage photo, have green flavor extremely, look ” the peak that accompanies you to reach the world ” the battle array is quite pretty good, it is handsome male belle, regard contest of report of a warm blood as subject matter, must expect.

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