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Original title: This ability is not to fool the ancient costume of the audience! Song Yi ” the Luoyang since wind ” modelling, jing admired many people What kind of ancient costume just does not fool audience? The meeting in believing the eye in different audience has different result. But have demand of a standard, hope to take namely change reach a standard, and hairstyle also is not perfunctory. Although drama of contemporary ancient costume is very much, but can invite an audience truly,satisfactory is little however little, modelling is optional deceive audience.

20220213071120 6208af189ecd7

Can encounter a gut wonderful, and the ancient costume drama that each respect can satisfy requirement, to the audience, it is a kind of surprise, also be one kind expects. In the market with the uneven drama of this ancient costume nowadays, teleplay ” the Luoyang since wind ” sow, it is to make many people straight breathe out more: This ability is not to fool of the audience ancient costume.

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” the Luoyang since wind ” sow epigenesis to explode paragraph ” the Luoyang since wind ” this teleplay is to adapt proud IP novel ” Luoyang ” , what basically tell about is flourishing age bustling Luoyang town produced suspense case one case, leading role together the story of crack a criminal case. The play of suspense crack a criminal case that develops for setting with ancient time is very novel subject matter, everybody also likes very much.

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Add the main actor of this drama, not only Song Qian follows Huang Xuan, the recreational group tip that still has Xin Jin sheds the ginseng of Wang Yibo of little fresh pork to act, so this drama still is done not have on line when already fire alled over entire network, this work leaves nowadays sow, just as one would expect, those who became nowadays explode paragraph sheet is tasted.

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Why to say ” the Luoyang since wind ” is this drama to explode paragraph? Can look to come out from heat actually, other work leaves since sowing half month, basically spend without the attention of how many, and ” the Luoyang since wind ” the line on ability 3 days, its heat overtook directly other work.

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Everybody knows, of Yang Mi ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” and of Yang Zi ” female psychology division ” , it is two work with very hot heat, also be said to be to explode by everybody money theatrical work, result ” the Luoyang since wind ” head sow already heat ascends a top, crossed these two work directly. This drama has been nowadays on the head of a list of names posted up of heat a list of names posted up, firm take a firm stand calcaneal, say it exploded so also had not been.

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Ancient costume of Yi of the Song Dynasty dresses up Jing admires audience ” the Luoyang since wind ” this teleplay, besides gut very absorbing besides, the acting of actors also pass a barrier. Nevertheless, the author is attracted, because,still be of this work take be being changed is too delicate really.

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The model that don’t we say to the top sheds small unripe Wang Yibo how? After all the schoolboy’s modelling also with respect to that appearance, what say drama is medium is female 2 Song Yi, her ancient costume dresses up really, glance with respect to enough Jing admires full-court.

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” the Luoyang since wind ” in, what Song Yi acts is a daughter of an illustrious family ” Liu Ran ” , namely ” great of a hunderd li firm ” the official matchs CP. Well-known, archaic wedding is the character of intermediary Shuo, parental life. So ” Liu Ran ” with ” great of a hunderd li firm ” also be together by drag in because of a wedding. Although Song Yi is female 2, but will look from the appearance of an actor, perfect however attraction popular eyeball.

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Early the ancient costume that knows Song Yi very Jing is colourful, and very classic, see her this ” Liu Ran ” after ancient costume modelling, it is to move not to open his eyes more. Design the clothing that feels dye-in-the-wood, no longer dish of machine-made hair, jing of Yi allowing a surname admired many people.

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Contemporary ancient costume is too perfunctory, song Yi too Guo Jingyan knows ancient costume drama is flush nowadays, a lot of work begin not to pay attention to actor formative to dress up, major ancient costume theatrical work is the ancient costume that wearing improved edition, add model of head of an a round mass of food, or the hairstyle of head of half a round mass of food, can saying is ancient costume dresses up, very perfunctory audience.

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However, the play of the sort of small small qualitative move is taken, cannot satisfy everybody completely quite the aesthetic demand to ancient costume, as drama of this kind of this kind of ancient costume flush, a lot of audiences also feel gradually, the ancient costume work nowadays, not as good as the ancient costume work previously will get delicate, exquisite, but ” the Luoyang since wind ” let a lot of people change however.

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Feel model of present ancient costume drama is general all the time kind, until saw Song Yi is in ” the Luoyang since wind ” medium modelling, just know she is so beautiful that she much Jing admires.

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Of course, if we are the simple facial feature that see him Song Yi only, probably some people can say, this kind of appearance does not calculate in recreational group particularly conspicuous, can calculate only good-looking. But be in ” the Luoyang since wind ” in, the lets Song Yi attentively ancient costume of the play staff dresses up let a person shine at the moment, escaped machine-made style not to say, more beautiful distinctive, returned to the ancient costume modelling ten years ago, who is not rare?

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Good, above is full text shared, current, ” the Luoyang since wind ” heating up in sowing, song Yi serves as female 2 also are encircling pink ceaselessly, do you feel his ancient costume modelling how? The welcome leaves a message the comment tells everybody.

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