Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: ” lens · twin city ” Li Yifeng and Yang Zi cooperate 2 times, male 2 choose between Zhu Yilong and Ma Tianyu

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That is to say, li Yifeng is Su Ma, yang Zi is Na Sheng. About male the person selected of 2 phlogistic night tide, one say is Zhu Yilong, one say is Ma Tianyu, anyhow can be between Zhu Yilong and Ma Tianyu choice.

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Li Yifeng is depended on in those days ” Gu Jianji Tan ” in pretty ancient costume the appearance of an actor harvested heart of girl of one big bill, became inland the first batch of little fresh pork. Tu Su of a hunderd li in drama is rough and the one’s life experience of legend, let audience all without exception use a facial expression for it. Li Yifeng receives the work of movie and TV that perform to be given priority to with fashionable dress drama later, be informed nowadays can see he goes out again perform ancient costume role, still be an evil evil spirit is dragged madly, the part of dualism case, be to expect very!

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Yang Zi is depended on in ” annals of high official position ” ” Long Zhu legend ” ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” medium excellent performance, established her conspicuous ancient costume daughter advocate position. The individual feels to suit to go out very much on her disposition perform that natural disposition the Na Sheng of chasteness of lively, eyes. This part perhaps can aid force Yang Zi to ascend its to act art the another height of career.

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Said male advocate peace female advocate, again for male 2. If be Zhu Yilong, his acting is beyond question, in ” new Xiao Shiyi man ” ” loafer of new limit town ” ” town fetch ” ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” medium ancient costume the appearance of an actor also can says perfect. If he goes out,perform phlogistic night tide very good ah! Estimate moment ” haematemesis ” renown occasion is met Jing is colourful one ticket audience and netizen. Even compensatory, zhu Yilong wants again in drama by cruel!

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If Ma Tianyu goes out,act very good also ah, he goes out had performed theatrical work of a lot of ancient costume, ancient costume beauty says maly, can deduce affectionate monarch, also can deduce the childe elder brother of dense bad.

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To ” lens · twin city ” choose Li Yifeng to do male advocate, yang Zi is done female advocate, does everybody expect? In your memory, who does hope Zhu Yilong and equestrian sky male 2?

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