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Original title: ” between the world ” honest person Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, how to raise He Zhounan of giving Feng wolf of two supercilious look? Look more ” between the world ” be fond of by angry lung more, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan after suffering comes happiness, what the life passes eventually is better than before. The family also returned Ji Chun, can get together from time to time. Once one 5, also became 12, the time passes weller and weller. However, junior people thing, let poll ache however, after afterwards week Chengdu, feng and week Nan became new supercilious look wolf. Adv unimaginably, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan the person of two frank devoir, treating two children is good really, how to raise a wolf of these two supercilious look to come out?

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Feng selfishness is hoggish, of not sensible Feng just came on the stage be fond of by audience place, follow Zhou Nan obviously euqally big, however very not sensible. Take the schoolgirl sends Zhou Nan love letter for this thing, the letter that gives Zhou Nan opposite party not only numerates come, still say Zhou Nan is tangled to go up by ugly girl even. Sneer at the behavior that the other side still does not respect others, let audience place be fond of indeed. Good later not easy family gathers should go taking a picture, because did not let her,look ” on the west travel notes ” , gas must run away from home, threw into confusion everybody’s plan. Say to have how old sense according to opposite Zhou Jialai, feng does not know one sentence to finish sth, indeed provoking.

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More without of language is, zhou Zhigang is emeritus come back, what Feng cares is not Lao father need not be used eventually, of the care is Lao father come back, oneself room still is had, those who ask also is ” then he must be lived in in us how long ” . Do not say herself also is to be sent first, say with respect to such manner him Lao father is very selfish hoggish. Herself has independent room, on the small bed that Zhou Nan can squeeze in to be spread up and down with Zhou Cong only, with grandfather grandma 4 people a room. Feng still complains it is too good to her to say Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, she wants to get a scolding take a beating be no good, did not become her family member, become only kin. Say, is Feng supercilious look wolf?

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What do these still calculate, after be informed Zhou Nan is not Zhou Bingkun one’s own, feng wants actively still to talk about love with Zhou Nan, two people live with sibling all the time before, talk about love directly later, is this a Zhou Bingkun and He De of week Chengdu park? After Zhou Rong divorces with Feng Huacheng, feng follows Zhou Rong originally, but because the family member objects her following Zhou Nan, follow Feng Huacheng went to abroad, did not come back. The supercilious look wolf that Feng is a model is undoubted, she did not acquire Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s advantage, instead is genetic of dear father close Mom ” supercilious look wolf is idiosyncratic ” .

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Zhou Nan identifies Luo Shibin to be father for future, cast Zheng Juan to go abroad study abroad Zhou Nan arrives as a child mostly very sensible, gave many help as the ground of young man inside and outside in the home. Zhou Nan if all the time so it is good to go down, but after the one’s lot that knows oneself, zhou Nan changed. Water do as one pleases was become Luo Shibin’s a persuasive talker, search Nan tells him last week, his one’s own father is Luo Shibin, zhou Bingkun is foster father only. Look at the Luo Shibin that president of group of family name of a white horse with a black mane reports on newspaper, zhou Nan still does not believe at the beginning. After the affirmation that gets Zheng Juan, zhou Nan the first reaction is not to asked what to produce after all at the outset, however blame Zheng beautiful and Zhou Bingkun are hiding the truth from him.

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It is good that Zheng beautifuls saying is for him, he still is not believed. Turn the head is used ” he ” will replace Zhou Bingkun, do not wish to call father of week of grasping elder brother, zhou Bingkun of the look down upon in the heart earns money this to do not have the pa of skill less. This one act looks the person is afflictively really, zhou Bingkun raises Zhou Nan as a child big, the first those who hold him in the arms also is Zhou Bingkun, zhou Bingkun becomes Zhou Nan early get married gives birth to a son, ke Zhounan in the end does not identify this father however, can this be supercilious look wolf? More abominable is, luo Shibin studies abroad with going abroad for the condition, yao Zhounan identifies him father of this one’s own. In was seen by water do as one pleases flourishing world, after seeing Luo Shibin has a lot of money and family property, zhou Nan agreed.

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Final Zhou Nan casts Zheng Juan, go to abroad studying abroad, a bit did not hesitate, also remorse without ashamed. Who can think of, face lure by promise of gain, did Zhou Nan also become supercilious look wolf? Zheng Juan and devoir of Zhou Bingkun simple minded all one’s life, zhou Bingkun is the most generous person in 6 lordling, their with one one’s heart endeavors the ground goes taking care of two children, but the simple minded that who knows to two children did not acquire them, egoistic instead. The meeting with Feng and week true Nan enrages the audience dead, look at get angry indeed. Did you look ” between the world ” ? Do you like Zhou Nan and Feng ?

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