Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: ” sweet juice stews a squid ” more the name decides archives, soft bud of Yang Zi modelling is lovely, sit have two great male minds Some closer day, variable of industry of drama of movie and TV is ceaseless, be main actor of Luo Jin, Deng human relations first ” apotheosis historical novel ” be without omen get offline, do not have even big ending, zhang Xincheng acts the leading role ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” 0 conduct propaganda broadcast. This is insufficient still, did not sow first ancient costume drama of fire ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” , leaving before sowing half hours to withdraw file, lifted network heat to discuss for a short while, recently, again drama of much ministry movie and TV changes a famous general to sow.

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Yang Zi personate female advocate Tong Nian, be lively the female singer of song of trailing plants Li of soft bud, computer wizard, shang Yan of come across Han falls in love at first sight to him, open mad trace pattern. Acting colour value flies to Yang Zi together, before deductive ” bright and beautiful look for ” , ” Qiu Yingying ” the part that is relatively soft bud, for this, yang Zi still reduces weight designedly, so this part controls easily necessarily, look expose to the sun the stage photo that go out, yang Zi is contemporary modelling is extremely beautiful.

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This drama has two great male minds, one is plum now, he is in drama personate male advocate Han Shangyan, it is the electric contest great mind of a Gao Leng, be moved by the Tong Nian with soft lovely bud later, two people open sweet stay away from home, plum showing Yan Zhi does not calculate on super and pretty, but overall pretty good still, the most important acting is outstanding, be in in those days ” river god ” having outstanding show.

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Another is Hu Yitian, well-known, hu Yitian is depended on ” small happiness ” Jiang Chen has his moment, it is the campus male god of appropriate appropriate, it is this in drama personate Wu Bai, it is computer talent not only, also be great mind of contest of a report. Hu Yitian still remains to sow drama this year ” peerless double arrogant ” , ” green beard is early ” etc, it is nowadays in drama hand in hand plum now, Yang Zi, it may be said expected extremely.

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