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Original title: Traitor: Who is the person that defends Lin Nan sheng truly? He is more serious than Zhu Yizhen, chen Mo group be inferior to him The hottest recently teleplay is not ” traitor ” not belong to, in drama one numerous fine actor, conquered with masterly acting audience, gut also is discussed extensively by the netizen, of the leading role in drama is Lin Nan sheng, the development of the story is so fundamental around Lin Nan sheng spreads out, there also is a lot of to defend the person of Lin Nan sheng in drama, he is more serious than Zhu Yizhen, chen Mo group more be not a patch on he.

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Gu Shenyan and Lin Nan sheng this individual is Gu Shenyan, gu Shenyan is the secret service of an old brand of subterranean party, code name ” mailman ” , he is concealed in army all all the time, the post is record division director, also be the person of lead the way on growing road of Lin Nan sheng at the same time, original Lin Nan sheng is the undergraduate of a strong finish school only, his humanness is exceedingly pure, at the same time very kind-hearted also, so Chen Mo group pitch on look this be like very good took the person that hold to enter division of army all spy.

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Lin Nan sheng is in most begin pair of Chen Mo group extraordinary also credit, can be the development as the story, old silent community arrived in the hand of Japanese, and to earn a living go and seek refuge with sb Japanese, became a traitor, sheng of Nan of this moment forest had begun to shake. Lin Nan sheng also knew Gu Shenyan in army all, consider experienced and worldly-wise of careful character favor, the way of the world of be proficient in, it is the incorporeal adviser of Lin Nan sheng, also save Lin Nan sheng for many times at jeopardy, the person that defends Lin Nan sheng truly is in drama. Sheng of Lin Nan of first time rescue

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In Lin Nan sheng plan is eradicated when Chi Tianying uprights, because fear Japanese generates suspicion, so Lin Nan sheng was Chi Tianying interpose meticulously to prepare a traffic accident, the thing is undertaking according to the plan all the time, chi Tianying uprighted to drop a hillside in the to turn over in transient road, come here quarter till, this removes incident no risk at all, but Lin Nan sheng did not think of Chi Tianying uprighted to climb from the car, and hid rise.

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In Lin Nan sheng is checked, chi Tianying interpose from the side hold sb under duress of Jiang Linnan sheng, be in extremely dangerous hour, gu Shenyan appeared, and express want to replace Lin Nan sheng to become pawn, gu Shenyan serves as a first-class secret service, with respect to skill in the process of substitution agile settlement dropped Chi Tianying to upright.

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Sheng of Nan of the 2nd rescue forest

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When the village on assassinate is clean, what the plan finishs is very successful, but Chen Mo group chase after in the plan all the time kill He Zhuyi of Lin Nan sheng chastity, they cannot leave a mansion, gu Shenyan is in after condition of know the inside story, be determined to want to save Lin Nan sheng.

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Not hesitate even revolt Wang Shian, final Gu Shenyan is sitting jinriksha will to the building fall, to aerosol was thrown to play in the building, lin Nan sheng and Zhu Yizhen just are able to take the advantage of chaos to escape. Gu Shenyan is exceedingly attentive also, left a car technically still, escape for them. Channel Lin Mosheng

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Old silent group it is to guide Lin Nan sheng to begin secret service viatic person, so Chen Mo group change to Lin Nan cannot accept for sheng, be during he is confused, gu Shenyan appeared, sheng of his ceaseless channel forest Nan, lin Nan sheng also began to have his belief, gu Shenyan is tremendous to Lin Mosheng’s influence, after Gu Shenyan sacrifices, lin Nan sheng also acceded ” mailman ” title, became Gu Shenyan’s successor.

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