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Original title: A day that when become you: Small sweet the real problem in drama, mom should abandon the child for ideal What act the leading role by Zhang Xincheng, Liang Jie is small sweet drama ” a day that when become you ” pretty good public praise was harvested after broadcasting. Men and women advocate do laugh the masterstroke that sweet love is this drama, not be exclusive window however, the depict of the about parents and child relation in drama, be worth to discuss likewise.

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What Zhangxin becomes personate is male advocate Jiang Yi, the surface is bright bright beautiful God star, the heart is perplexed by the shadow place of former unripe family all the time however. Parents divorces in one’s childhood in him, mom works in abroad all the year round, the father of not attend to one’s proper works or duties should rely on him to feed not only child, still look for bit of trouble to him from time to time.

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Attentive audience also discovered, of father of personate river Yi this, still had acted ” hello old times is smooth ” Li Linyang’s dean and ” rock candy stews Xue Li ” the coach that Li Li language puts on the ice. And perform mom this, it is to had acted ” the name with family ” in the mom of aplanatic month.

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Do-nothing father, at the mom of the career, not be the set with new what. Different is, be in ” a day that when become you ” in, jiang Yi’s mom stands fast first and last oneself ideal, work from the scientific research that had not wanted to abandon her having deep love for. When seeing play, the grievance that because Xiaojiang Yi place suffers,you meet feels distressed, also can be moved by courage place of mom.

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The mouth that Jiang Yi lends Yu Shengsheng asks: “These year of be repentant after you? ” mom is very affirmative the ground shakes his head: “Do not regret. ” made a choice be about to assume a result, she admits she serves as mom’s neglect one’s duty, the calm accepts a son all resentment and be fed up with, not evasive, not elenctic, also not excessive begs a son excuse.

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The choice of river Yi mom, unavoidable the problem that female of a lot of professions in letting a person associate to real life may face: Whether must a successful female still be a competent mother? Career and family this how give attention to two or morethings? And how many is there to resemble river Yi father again in reality such, think mom takes care of child perfectly justified, does him accomplish nothing object a wife chasing the man of the career however?

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Jiang Yi comprehended mom’s option finally, drop old heart form, went from inside painful childhood memory, and mom will answer abroad to continue oneself scientific research works. Not was without ill feeling excuse, not forcibly mother child reunion, what mom loves most is his career as before, the son also does not need any her compensation, the calm faces each other equally.

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The mother that abandons ideal for the child never is short of in homebred drama, acquiesced it seems that the child in the female’s dictionary is the first. Unfavorable situation is different, the choice is different, this itself does not have pair of very faults. But every mother, every female, have the right that chooses ego, when hoping their angle is ideal,

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