Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” absolutely life poisonous division ” should film edition come? Netizen: Already too impatient to wait

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Before of TV edition ” absolutely life poisonous division ” also got everybody’s welcome and heat are held in both hands, the friend that likes beautiful theatrical work has looked for certain, some had looked several times, the grading on fabaceous valve 9.6 also was to pass high ” card room ” and ” the game of the right ” . Accordingly, when the netizen sees this one information, express in succession already too impatient to wait.

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Expect according to exploding, this drama of film version, can broadcast in Netfix platform and AMC platform, growing when this film is two hours, at present inaccuracy is to be able to make telecine or other surely, also do not know old white Brian? Kelansidu, Aaron? Protect the personnel such as Er to be able to return to shadow edition.

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Of teleplay version ” absolutely life poisonous division ” altogether this drama told about 5 season a college chemistry teacher, during him sicken, used the family that lets oneself can back and belly does not have care, use oneself primitive accumulation, let oneself ceaseless production drugs, next sale goes out, because outstanding achievement is pretty good, undertake Pk with this old, make the old practice that gives world top class drugs next! The character role inside teleplay version is brighter, character nature characteristic also is visible, male advocate female advocate male match female deserving to return is video editing and rearrangement, movement of language of every detail character is to make a person use a facial expression, hard dismiss from one’s mind, also was to produce main effect in the memory of the audience, carry out the actor’s self-discipline very thoroughly, the character is modelled also is distinct personality makes like that, photograph of annulus of story clue annulus is buckled, the character is modelled with the part press close to in the play, directing the eye that chooses an actor also is perfectly, this drama also became in people memory cannot replace.

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This film, from when in light of long point of view, two hours should content is very rich, and edition having theatrical work is advanced, believe film edition also can be brought different wonderful. Next, expect film edition ” absolutely life poisonous division ” .

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