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Original title: ” the action that break ice ” in grabbed male advocate the 4 big greenery of limelight, still have them besides Cai Yongjiang

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Besides above bone of 3 when mention old show, the performance of a lot of costar in this play is wonderful, had built even male the limelight of a Huang Jingyu, let us see this play boost red gold minor role together. The first: Personate Zhe Tangxu of Cai Yongjiang.

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Precipitate for years, in one day flourishingly, encounter Cai Yongjiang, tang Xu got an audience eventually people approbate. In making fun of with two paragraphs of adversary of Wu Gang, tang Xu the arrest an a man of great wisdom appears slow-witted, be modest about one’s skill is poisonous alarm the cadre deduces the ground by superb, even by the audience people praising is ” shadow emperor ” the acting of level, have more very person he and ” face paralysis male god ” Mr. Ni Dagong places on a par. All effort won’t be paid for nothing, good actor and good part are accomplished each other. The 2nd: Lin Shuibai’s personate person Qian Bo. Lin Shuibai is a more important role in drama, although show share is not much, but he is a very important segment in detecting a case however.

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Li Fei found Lin Shengwen below the help in Lin Shuibai just about, and the crucial figure that Lin Shuibai’s son is Lin Sanbao case, still be the fact that Lin Shuibai knows son be murdered through 5 youngs, tell Li Fei, detected case of Lin Sanbao be murdered, at the same time this caused the change of later period Lin Zonghui directly, poison is swept finally in fixed position in, lin Shuibai also offerred the specific position of a lot of other peoples, can say share of this character show is not much, it is perforative however the crucial figure of whole case.

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The 3rd: Lin Zonghui’s personate person Gong Lei. In the before half part of this play, show share of Gong Lei is not much, a lot of moment, he is behaved very close-lippedly, from beginning to end the tiger is worn face, but the eyes is sharp from beginning to end, including too much thing. Till finally 10 collect, he becomes Li Fei strive for an object, gong Lei’s play ability became much rise. Lin Zonghui this figure is more and more prominent also.

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Dare to save Cai Xiaoling to begin from him, he moved toward Lin Yaodong’s contrary, till finally, after giving Ma Wen list, act the role of what go up personally directly article take off, go ancestral temple offer an apology, lin Zonghui also finished his own life to save atone for. Mr. Gong Lei Lin Zonghui this part acts very to administrative levels feels, transform finally especially, the act of a few limbs that passes him completely and eyes will finish, invite an audience people accept also understood Lin Zonghui this kind from harbor Lin Yaodong, to the psychological change that exposes Lin Yaodong, this should be the actor’s most successful place. The 4th: Forest Zhao of the person that get the better of the personate of fierce warmths ablaze.

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Driven burlesque makes fun of to the heart, zhao Xuan Lin Shengwu this individual deductive is very good, of the character astute, work careful disposition can pass processing of a few detail to finish, the lash-up reaction when for instance Lin Shengwu encounters cut is killed a few times and from the back the aplomb when negotiating with Lin Yaodong is waited a moment.

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