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Original title: ” broken ice acts ” in those crucial figures, their occurrence makes work more significant Introduction: ” broken ice acts ” in those crucial figures, although,their occurrence makes work more significant ” the action that break ice ” had received government-owned for a long time, but its heat is not decreased as before, a lot of audiences had begun 2 brushed, why audience people for good to teleplay, always like 2 brush? Basically be a few interesting clues, when you know the gut from the back, look later, can have different results.

20220213071539 6208b01b8ffdf

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” the action that break ice ” in later period when appeared really a lot of a lot places, for instance the transmission means of Lin Zonghui list, and the setting that Ma Wen gets hurt, the director although also dispatch explained one time, but however flaw 100, audience people also not buy it, do not pass from whole word, ” broken ice acts ” still be the defects cannot obscure the virtues, with respect to this paragraph of time inside for, it serves as close inspect champion, with time paragraph inside also do not have how many good theatrical work to be able to compete to it it seems that. Review complete theatrical work, besides acting, also be attributed to role of a few characters, be them appear, make whole department work becomes more significant.

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We often say teleplay wants to have real sense, especially drama, cannot stay in recreational popular level merely quite, as the audience patient degree become lower and lower, this kind of attribute of teleplay also becomes important all the more, do not believe everybody advertent, in last few years ” thunder drama ” decreased it seems that a lot of, why is most director patted ” thunder drama ” ? Investigate because do not have the market,its still are at all. ” broken ice acts ” draw materials from real world, increase each respect processing is proper, so inside the port with there are its principal on body of role of a lot of characters.

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E.g. Lin Shuibai this part, make a person impressive. He is having the life that everybody envies originally, it is the teacher that Dongshanzhong learns, still had taken the name of outstanding teacher, but all these begins to try in him destroyed after drugs. Lost the job not to say, still was driven by village person come out, connect oneself close little sister also issued order for guests to leave to him finally.

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So water uncle is a poor person, because,the reason of his drug taking is not what, want what ability curiosity tasted to help poison of son give up however, did not think of to be tasted, lay him most individual ” countervail ” went in.

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The achievement of water uncle tells us, no matter stem from any reasons, cannot touch a concern with drugs, make poison peddle harm oneself kill a person, escape hard finally legal punish, drug taking buys poison to come loose gently penates, the family broke up again be utterly isolated, the water in drama uncle the case that is a model. This kind of person has pity on water uncle have abominable, pitiful is his experience, be worth others to sympathize with really, abominable is him itself is a teacher, known knowledge and sense are more than the ordinary person, however as before cannot extricate oneself, he can send the son into poisonous center of Buddhist monastic discipline, oneself do not have courage from beginning to end however.

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Mention water uncle, still another and he has the part of origin quite, that is five young, if not be the word that encounters water uncle, five young is probable this lifetime was destroyed, but lot is so one says not clear thing, should water uncle meets five son, mutual between found place, they just meet the face after place the life is together, become each other family. A five young is ground floor originally small poison is peddled, of course he still has another capacity, that is youth of discontinue one’s studying, amount of this kind of group in reality is huge, it is phenomenon of a kind of society.

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The meaning of five young also absolutely, because as a child parents lacks surelysubject sb to discipline to its, so that early discontinue one’s studying enters a society, was on a crooked road finally. I am not to say this kind of person can follow five young to take wrong road euqally, it is opposite only at socially for other group, their intelligence is not quite mature still, face the pressure of adult, so young of five of no less than says in that way, after trying ten jobs, discovery did not earn money, caught drugs finally. Is there is why in reality? Serious income and expenses is lopsided be the main reason that this kind of person is on wrong road.

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Five young is mixed in drama water uncle is final in pairs gets saving atone for, although had been abandoned by the society before them, but had been admitted afresh nowadays, find them from Cai Yongjiang, and respecting needs them the help looks on this thing, show them already reform, become useful to the society person anew. Water uncle and of five young appear, gifted ” the action that break ice ” the sense with this deeper teleplay, also sublimate work, make its are to stay on recreational popular level not just, probably this also is ” broken ice acts ” can so get one of audience gay accounts.

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