Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: A charming former husband bilks great country to admit to remarry will become father wife is a skilled personnel 20220213072436 6208b2347bfa2Country bilking great and currently hold the post ofgroup photo According to Taiwan media coverage, on Feburary 13, country bilking great attends an activity to accept interview admit to remarry, divulge the wife has been pregnant, expected date of childbirth is on August 17: “The mood is at present nervous excited, preparation salutes the advent of darling. I present am very happy really, also hope to win everybody’s blessing. ” he still discloses, propose ring is 50 thousand currency that a woman chooses plunge drop (about 11 thousand RMB) , lai Hong country takes out 500 thousand money at that time (about 110 thousand RMB) budget, but the woman insists to want simple petty gain, do not hope country bilking great is too wasteful. Country bilking great bilks great country to make it clear that woman profession is not empty elder sister, the company of science and technology that appears on the market in however works, it is a skilled personnel. The introduction of the friend before two people acquaintance results from a year many, bilk great country to invest cure beautiful clinic at that time, often be in every city flitter, the woman wants demit drops the job to accompany him, but be persuaded to stay by the company later, leave duty to stop firewood to accompany country bilking great in the mainland 3 months. “You can imagine closed above 3 times back and forth, add me to be in the mainland must every city flitter, very painstaking really doleful, but my wife is willing to accompany me however. Those 3 months let me have the feeling that is gone to by company really, want to come down surely very much so. ” it is reported, on Feburary 2, have explode makings say Lai Hong country shifts to an earlier date to be celebrated for cummer Alice in first day of the lunar year be born and send ring to propose. To this, country bilking great was not denied, he is low-key response: “Have stable boy or girl friend at present, wish everybody Happy New Year! ” subsequently, the dispatch of new cummer Alice of country bilking great is written down ” Yes I Do ” , doubt is like confirm oneself had promised male friend to propose. On Feburary 5, stage intermediary reports, lai Hong country fiancee already was pregnant at present, but not full in March. Country bilking great ever had had two paragraphs of marriage, before one paragraph is with Tong of glad of female star bell (A Jiao) , two people concern at ending the husband and wife of 14 months formally in Feburary 2020.

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