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Original title: The thing that worry about is same, seem to see ” Mom of the pa that be the same as a paragraph “

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Ceng Shun , Jiang is supple be set do not please place tired.

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The teleplay that by Zhang Jia interpret, Yan Ni acts the leading role ” the teenager is sent ” defending in Hunan inspect heat to sow, “Family of the university entrance exam ” behind the curtain 100 condition, meet when old mother not the child of save worry, a chain of laugh the story with ceaseless tear is performed, the actor’s lines of biting humour, sure ground jab is middleaged the nerve of pa Mom audience, cannot help laughing letting a person feels again with experience. Two drama although story, character differs each, but theme, gimmick is adjacent, it is lens with the parents of family of a few different types and child, the adolescence with implicit backside of family of dug instantly China grows the multiple problem such as estrangement of angst of collective of labor pains, parent, parentage. The comic performance of a few play character actors in drama, gold sentence ceaseless, with young actor dramatic interactive, caused topic fever. Subject matter PK is close child the topic detonates heat to discuss ” the teenager sends ” keyword: Old mother of in residence life, the turn of life lets a person have resonance quite, the high school in residence that is a few children in drama lives, look at their be laughing and playing to fight noisely, fight brave with teacher parent battle of wits, all sorts of true and amused stalk are right clearly is in for in residence gens eye. When the continuous firing of clever clever Mom when Yan Ni personate is like ground rebuke daughter, a lot of people are given out ” this clever clever Mom, I am known! She resembles beside me such Mom can be found out at least a dozen ” plaint. “Old mother of the turn of life ” Wang Shengnan, hold to Lin Miaomiao of strong control daughter, close Mom worries about the backside of mode, it is right many indulge hold those who accuse the child life, beyond the mark to the future of child angst, parents generation that gives birth to people on one’s own side to desertion even to condense appear. ” taking father to study abroad ” keyword: Study abroad, accompany read, love early, playwrite of PK of marital management actor’s lines is martial, can becomes ” gold sentence mower ” ” the teenager sends ” : Lin Miaomiao is ” gold sentence king ” actor’s lines of child of beautiful type example, let a person look split one’s sides with laughter: “The teachers with entire the best school is centered in this class, our child cannot get be raised to the skies, still cannot touch the gas that nod celestial being ” ” you see sign of your this hair so thick that blocking an eye, can you see your future? ” ” study wants automatic, initiative, consciousness ” … Lin Miaomiao study not quite move tone, but many actor’s lines straight from the shoulder pain spot of the parents in stamp ” your life has not understood too, why to give me be born ” ” you Your Excellency, the society is free-standing, always must not depend on the child ” ” one is plant cold, call your Mom to feel you are cold; Have a kind of hunger, call your Mom to feel you are hungry ” . ” taking father to study abroad ” : Huang Chengdong also is gold bone of old show of PK of bone of play of Duan Zi hand ” put flying ego ” ” the teenager sends ” : Interactive tacit understanding of CP of Ni of Zhang Jia interpret, Yan is done laugh ” the teenager is sent ” the public praise after broadcasting not common, this is opposite interpret of depend on Zhang Jia, Yan Ni the tacit partner of gold C P, two people are vivid explained a pair to spit the groove, certainly means to child to jubilate act in a way that defeats one’s purposely each other daily enemy couple, performed ” spot of Mom of large and true pa ” . ” taking father to study abroad ” : Thunder bud combination contracts laugh at a dot ” when it is dangerous to be encountered when the child, the child is bull’s eye, parents is bullet, I think this world to go up to be able to stop this bullet without which ballproof garment. ” young discharge of fresh pork PK has a surprise, open to question also ” the teenager sends ” : ” taking father to study abroad ” : Jiang of supple, Ceng Shun by ” the person is set do not please ” place is tired and in ” Xin Yitian Tu Long is written down ” the Ceng Shun that acts Zhang Moji, the son that acts Sun Gonglei this in drama ” Huang Xiaodong ” , it is a traitorous teenager, vanity has bit of love head again, not very makes allowances for parents, the person sets a dot not to please, became a netizen to say groovy point. The netizen oppugns eye of Ceng Shun not to have a god greatly, without acting. Director Yao Xiaofeng evaluates: “His acting is not quite stable, but it is better and better to arrive from the back, the outbreak of later period force and performance make me amazed. ” ” one is plant cold, call your Mom to feel you are cold; Have a kind of hunger, call your Mom to feel you are hungry ” . “You see sign of your this hair so thick that blocking an eye, can you see your future? ” trainee Zou clever poem

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