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Original title: Yu Wen is heavy already lake 4 years, chu Qiao is passed 2 why to still leave pat, have what reason rear ” Chu Qiao is passed ” it is a very wonderful ancient costume drama, by forest update with Zhao Liying two people present as leading role to act the leading role, other parts also are the fine actor that acting is approbated by passerby, what still have the person such as Deng Lun and Jin Shijie besides Li Qin and antrum brave is special piece act, can saying is the drama of outstanding movie and TV with a luxurious battle array.

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Be apart from Hunan Qiao Chuan head is sowed had gone 4 years time, this teleplay makes a lot of netizens impressive as before, especially finally forest the picture of the heavy lake of Yu Wen that acts newlier, it is the stalk that became many netizens to speak more, relatively prepare the 2nd at after heat is sowed, beginning to begin before long ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” and ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” , chu Qiao passes the 2nd film did not carry program all the time, this lets a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch feel terribly worried unceasingly. So why didn’t the 2nd prepare to pat all the time? Actually main reason has at 3 o’clock.

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The problem that is gut preparation above all, hunan Qiao Chuan is adapted from the novel ” the wife of a prince of secret service emperor ” , after the script that Chu Qiao sends undertakes adapting according to the content of the novel namely and those who film, concealed a few darker clues in the novel. However it is more difficult that Chu Qiao passes the 2nd play that is about to film to alter, the scenario that takes teleplay hard is more, changing a play so is one compares huge and the job that does not please, alter big vermicelli made from bean starch will be dissatisfactory, alter small cross careful hard again, compare easy kink so.

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It is the problem of actor schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater next, the platoon that every actor is having him period, zhao Liying works with respect to what having his and live for example need at the same time give attention to two or morethings, clever treasure has a lot of work to be expected by netizen place, so Chu Qiao is passed of 2 pat after be being delayed again and again, up-to-date the message with exact neither one.

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It is remuneration problem of the actor thirdly, this teleplay takes internal heat not little young actor, they are in later harvested very pretty good resource, many people were depending on the expressional social status in drama of other ancient costume to had broken up a few times, if the remuneration before reoccupy is asked nature does not come please, but if rushed change the actor’s word, a lot of netizens do not agree again show respect for, the time that procrastinates so is longer finish continuation harder film.

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Pitiful Yu Wen has been in the lake bubble 4 years, li Ying of Zhao of the person that act also has writtened guarantee legitimate child divorced again, the thing that 4 years time changes is too much really, if this teleplay opens the word that take once more, actor and play want the likelihood change a lot of, do not act to give the sort of sense at that time.

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Have work of not little drama of movie and TV actually because change later actor and not by audience show respect for, as once fire alls over entire network ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” it is a very pretty good big IP, but its continuation is mixed by Liu Hao Ran two big Ga give Huang Xiaoming act, fail to harvest wanted result as before, film continuation is a lot of companies are very prudent so.

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