Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” yuan government office of Lang upper beam catchs Qiu Yan, liang Yi howls who dare, qiu Yan is calm however profess Su Yiwan Teleplay ” beautiful language is endowed with ” heating up in sowing, drama handsomes mid-autumn quick-witted delicacy is autumn home young lady, and Liang Yi is kindling place advocate thing, cope with a few malfeasant technically, liang Yi saves Guo Qiuyan before New Year more, be Liang Yi has not admitted to give Qiu Yan only.

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And although Qiu Yan is the firstborn daughter of eunuch home, but because be misbegotten, be so in the home and do not have what position, qiu Yan is recumbent oneself quick-witted cerebra, those who found out ticket of the silver that use a holiday to change really silver-colored ticket inside thief, ke Yibo just made the same score to rise again, the person inside autumn home is the name contends for infighting, and Qiu Yan’s mother meets with person murderous scheme, accordingly Qiu Yan begins to search a murderer.

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Can not think of the murderer was not found, autumn government office was copied directly, autumn father put in prison, someone else took department teaching lane, a flock of people are teaching lane department horrible, the old lady falls ill die, liang Yi to rescue Qiu Yan, run to department teaching lane to look for Qiu Yan, to rescue Qiu Yan to be able to let Qiu Yan only cheat dies, with respect to such bridge assist successful Jiang Qiuyan stays beside oneself, two people will begin to be checked together again case.

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And this thing was by Yuan Langzhi, he is looking for Liang Yi’s trouble all the time, in was informed Liang Yi to take away Qiu Yan, taking forces to catch Qiu Yan directly, after Liang Yi knows, letting Qiu Yan pretend is his female bosom friend, be in yuan of Lang when giving orders to arrest a person, liang Yi howls who dare, and the Qiu Yan on the side is assentationing say oneself are called Su Yiwan, gas gets yuan of Lang to turn around to go, this occasion too bully gas, do you feel?

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