Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Su Mingcheng changes body Sun Wu is empty! ” animal management board ” Guo Jingfei crosses dimension to gues-star exceed a surprise

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In newest gut, the bureau that use a pipe brought new surprise to everybody again, be in ” Dou Ting is good ” in the Guo Jingfei that with Mom treasure male Suming becomes conflagration, cross dimension surprise to gues-star this drama, and come on the stage means has distinguishing feature very, bring ” laugh if really ” also be all the more good! But all the time because the Hao Yun with lucky not very photographs the unexpected death of fetch bee to was become to become guilty suspect, by coop total bureau. Was closed to answer a jail again, still be a double world this, and his jail friend is guessed than everybody, it is Guo Jingfei, he comes on the stage take BGM oneself, sun Wu dresses up mahatma of a suit neat day for nothing to arrive from the dress makeup look, two Feng Ling that get on even the head are very delicate, this body figure appears in the jail, have show too really!

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Explode after laughing, stir came, 3 bureaus numerous explore member this eventually honest bout, to rescue the Hao Yun that is boxed up, everybody draw on the wisdom of the masses, help him forge tiger identity. Red elder sister of teacher of computer expensive measure and census register division, the carry that help Hao is done decided record issue, other explore member people the trace of the tiger in helping Hao Yun make the job live, often felt the president with lazy fish to find out old photograph to help repeatedly forge the identity.

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And the Hao Yun that is boxed up, in feel acedia when, in last letter that leaves to everybody, the care that works in the same place to every and understanding are completely inside, this picture and explore member people the form photograph that do all one can comes interweaves, it is the lachrymal dot that ignited the whole audience simply! Be in so imperceptible in, hao Yun and the fetter of 3 bureaus already so deep, audience people also was touched deeply by the friendly feelings between them. Dot of this drama laugh and lachrymal dot interweave, invite an audience people looking is tear of the belt in laughing, cannot help doing sth. Gut rhythm accuse so well, see the motive of playwrite and director, meeting animal management board hits netizen of pardonable beans valve the high component of 7.6.

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