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Original title: ” below one station is happy ” : Song Qian and Song Wei dragon set an example for everybody the sister younger brother that differs 10 years old is loved Near future Hunan is defended inspect the teleplay that one tells about sister younger brother to love ” below one station is happy ” sow in heat in the center, had had period of time newlier at present, the audience with not little most propbably has seen this play.

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” below one station is happy ” the story that this drama provides to have topic sex very much for everybody, a professional female white-collar of 32 years old is fallen in love with small oneself university trainee of 10 years old. Current and popular star Song Qian and Song Wei dragon act the leading role as this drama, also be one of main reasons that attract numerous audience. ” below one station is happy ” this drama is on topic sex and advocate respect of field battle array has the hotspot that comparative, of course the humour of sex of a few detail in drama, make impromptu comic gestures and remarks also is to was this leap to add not little window etc, for instance the Cai Mingmin of glad personate is in the You Yushu in drama get on the network not little love. At present this drama achieved 6.9 minutes in the grading on fabaceous valve, this also explains this drama is in audience memory still is pretty good, the main to this drama attention point on the net also is those who be centered in the part is specific and interactive go up, the discussion to story itself is to do not have so much attention.

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Fabaceous valve gives a mark main actor introduces in 6.9 minutes of drama: The heroine congratulate numerous bit that Song Qian has star progress teleplay than the acting before is You Songqian personate. Song Qian is born in 1987, be special in according with drama to He Fanxing the story set of 32 years old of big female elite? ! When watching the show of the Song Qian in this drama, feel photograph of alizarin red of the Song Dynasty relatively the acting before Yu Zhi is to had comparatived to progress apparently really. Although Song Qian had the teleplay that the first his ginseng performs 2012 ” love rushs into the door ” , but till a few years hind, just calculate the domain of movie and TV of make one’s bow, be in especially 18, 19 years of around during this, the teleplay that Song Qian acts the leading role begins to be added gradually much, is everybody for instance hepper ” knot love? The first love of 1000 years old of adult ” and ” hill month does not know inmost thing ” broadcast during this namely.

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” knot love. The first love of 1000 years old of adult “

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” hill month does not know inmost thing ” the person of familiar Song Qian knows probably, song Qian is not the actor of regular professional training that is major, domestic people is familiar with more of alizarin red of the Song Dynasty or the recreational show because of her and put together art program. The singer capacity that assembles F(x) header with Korea woman gives Song Qian enters recreation, if everybody is searched on the net now, can see not little inchoate Song Qian is in of Korea sing jump video of singing and dancing. Song Qian goes to replace of career centre of gravity later home, everybody just is in country’s not little top class and popular put together art the frequent sees Song Qian figure in the program, for instance Song Qian comparatives Oh archery kongfu is in namely program of put together art by in reveal after coming out, by everybody place is hep.

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A few put together that not little Song Qian has seen enter the home before the woman sets F(x) author a few years art program, for instance ” happy base camp ” , ” come, champion ” , ” ace is right ace ” etc, all sorts of wonderful show that also see its look in the section, still write down so that attend 18 years up to now ” hot-blooded street dance is round ” of the performance ” housetop catchs fire ” this singing and dancing, the blast of the spot cracks detached occasion still is remain fresh in one’s memory. But the article or service at ” below one station is happy ” this drama, dedicated dot still serves as the actor’s identity in Yu Songqian, and the incorporate of this drama.

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Song Qian ” does housetop catch fire ” Guo Songqian and Huang Jingyu look to act the leading role before the author ” knot love? The first love of 1000 years old of adult ” , but relatively the level of the Song Qian that sees today, can be the same as day scarcely and language, gap is huge. Although ” knot love? The first love of 1000 years old of adult ” the story of this drama is commendable, but at that time the actor’s acting really very debatable, often let a person feel a play. But see nowadays ” below one station is happy ” when, song Qian sees with respect to seem in the He Fanxing of the personate in drama he are same, in that way fluent feeling is before never had had. Hero yuan the Song Dynasty is a student that is attending a college, also be the decorates a company trainee that is in in He Fanxing. Personate yuan the Song Wei dragon that is born 99 years of the Song Dynasty namely, what can say to differ with Song Qian’s age is not to lose. Be in act in a play dragon of this domain Song Wei can say absolutely is new personality, his ginseng acts, the main actor’s teleplay is not much, and almost my majority had not looked. Dragon of power of the Song Dynasty is a young actor that is born 99 years after all, give evening a few also be nature. Nevertheless the heat of this drama is sowed, to Song Wei him dragon for it is a milepost absolutely, let general more audiences notice him.

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Him dragon of power of the Song Dynasty because go out to compare evening, the material on the net is not much, almost one page can break up, be worth to introduce without too much and interesting story so. A few other main actors in this drama celebrate everybody to be familiar with very much besides king boast, and often see in a lot of city drama beyond, the possibility that everybody recognizes other actresses is not much.

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Be worth what carry is the Cai Mingmin personate that is paid close attention to by the network is in last few days in drama person everybody may not recognize Yu Shuxin for a short while, nevertheless many people see her for certain the form in other teleplay, whether does everybody still remember ” counsellor is allied ” medium Cao Pi married to enter after ascend the throng display come up princess (the daughter that also is Liu Xie) , become the Liu noble later, this person is ” of personate of ” of Cai Mingmin’s classmate.

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The 10 precession of Liu noble of personate of anxiety book glad are apart from the sister younger brother below to love, the Na Daokan in him heart is the saddest this drama was told about in Shanghai international metropolitan in, he Fanxing of 32 field of a duty is successful years old of big female elite, overcome come from the pressure at the job, life, with small oneself the love story of company trainee of 10 years old.

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The heroine congratulate numerous star of the story is a company middle-level female officer of 32 years old, love never has talked before passing, in love appear on this problem some are pure, faced suddenly come from the pursuit at company trainee to begin to be at a loss a little. Although two people have very big age difference, but they are new personality condition actually above love, he Fanxing never has talked about love, for instance she is to be below the violent aggression like the young man student of yuan of the Song Dynasty agree both be together, and yuan Song Ze is a lot of moment the stepmother Wu Meiyin that should seek advice from oneself is above love. Be in especially when seeing two people are quarrelling, the sort of immature expression, too quarrelled like first love lover. Two people in drama are put in very big age difference, periphery is very for instance much the person’s view, especially these views come from at parents, close friends when, must consider so. But in drama we see, actually real obstacle is to come from Yu Hefan the star is mixed the obstacle more of yuan of the Song Dynasty still comes from the heart at oneself.

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He Fanxing and yuan the feeling of the Song Dynasty because of two people to love unfamiliar, and the difference of the age is facing not small obstacle, but it is difficult that we meet most propbably see two people overcome in follow-up gut. Yuan the Song Dynasty has in-house problem not just in what be faced with with as numerous as congratulate star, still have the violent offensive of Xie Luming of exterior old fox. The Xie Luming in drama is a company boss, the company that is in with Xie Fanxing has collaboration to concern, but pursuit means of Xie Luming is super and classical absolutely, be in at any time unlimber, use what pursue slowly namely if drama is medium.

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The love that age difference involves in drama is yuan of Song Hehe numerous star not merely, still have He Fanxing and this world of Can of elder brother congratulate and Cai Mingmin the love story later, the old Mom of congratulate Can this world sees he and Cai Mingmin are in the home, take feather duster to hit him, this also explains age difference passes to be able to be opposite really greatly the love of party forms a worry, age of prep let alone differred big sister younger brother to love. (be over)

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