Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: If scene is foreign ” beautiful language is endowed with ” on the line is called the most beautiful Hua Kui

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Recently, by fourth Ying Zhou hold guide, qiao Xin, xu Zhengxi presents as leading role to act the leading role, the drama of ancient costume love of the main actor such as Liu Ruilin, Jing Ruyang ” beautiful language is endowed with ” heating up in sowing. If scene is foreign the prostitute of name of department teaching lane with the outside and gorgeous namby-pamby powerful however heart in the personate in drama ” division is small ” also went up formally Feburary 15 line. The prostitute of name of department teaching lane of personate of Jing Ruyang place ” division is small ” come on the stage admired with respect to Jing countless audiences, bright eye red lip and dress up gorgeously let an audience sigh with emotion ” the Hua Kui that is be worthy of the name really ” ” have lasting appeal too ” ” later belle of ancient costume drama presses this standard ” ” division girl comes on the stage answer eye this really Jing is colourful ” , have quite ” answer eye to laugh at 100 fawn on to be born ” charm. She ticks off popular feeling bowstring continuously in the frown and smile in drama, be called the most beautiful Hua Kui by the audience; And on the other hand she is have affection justice, “Treasures ” the girl like. “Division is small ” it is apparently ” Liang Yi ” the be on intimate terms that teaching lane department, it is however actually ” Liang Yi ” line person, information is gathered in the department teaching lane of good and evil people mixed up for him. In emotional respect, “Division is small ” dark all the time loving ” Liang Yi ” . But in face ” Liang Yi ” lover ” Qiu Yan ” when, she is fed up with ” Qiu Yan ” , right instead her part devoir, ever moved to be aided to her for many times. Jing Ruyang is exquisite and live show invites an audience people experienced to have affection justice woman of all corners of the country, also be convinced by the Hua Kui of her place personate.

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Go out oneself up to now, jing Ruyang goes out acted ” the king of new comedy ” ” exquisite ” ” 12 Tan ” ” moon variations ” wait for work, different part polyhedral is deduced, left deep impression to the audience; The work that still remains to sow ” boiling life ” with You Zhouxing gallop the director’s film ” mermaid 2 ” , let an audience expect full. This in ” beautiful language is endowed with ” go out mediumly to discuss ardently what acted to also cause a netizen, expect ” beautiful language is endowed with ” if follow-up gut medium shot silvers coin to bring more surprises for us. (reprint this article to pass more information, if tort asks connection to delete)

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