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Original title: Grabbing good play! Why 8.1 minutes ” between the world ” the hand that did not fall into discharge star Time big play ” between the world ” became without doubt in Feburary win the home greatly, it is not only mix heat close inspect two tactics to catch, be in incincible position for a long time. At the same time recumbent time atmosphere takes the gut that spends path and ground connection energy of life completely, on fabaceous valve behead obtained good result of 8.1 minutes, develop as the development of gut, a lot of audience is more right its undertake deepness is analysed, comprehended human characteristic. A 3 buccal can call Zhou Rong strange flower example, the mother invigorates a daughter to chase after his elder brother, feng Huacheng plays directly off the rails, behavior of birds and beasts of morality of guest of person of a white horse with a black mane is to be brought the person is magically more in all anger. Enough sees, every character is gotten by depict very plump, it is work of bear the palm of contradictory literature award is adapted after all, the play took major credit. With full time feeling, depict is plain terrestrial accident ” between the world ” the years that rectifies over or across of department theatrical work 50 years is transitional, those who be is with small see earth depict time is transitional, comparative from the detail such as bicycle, big cotton-padded jacket suck eyeball, and liberal side was to involve policy issue, gimmick is very clever. With Zhou Jiasan era cuts a point artificially in drama, change of all a got-up affair is mixed its be closely bound up, audience always can go up from the character’s body, see oneself or beside the person’s shadow. Zhou Bingkun regards the home as the young son in, with the wife Zheng Juan assumes the responsibility that had to attend a mother together, side elder sister looks after children, such ability let brother elder sister attend a college without burden ground. When but arrived,paying a New Year call to neighbour, zhou Bingyi and week Chengdu became pride twice, and Zhou Bingkun is ignored completely however, this paragraph of play is the world simply true. What make Zhou Bingkun more afflictive nevertheless is, father did not consider his awkwardness, in the follow-up contribution that oneself obliterated even in clamouring, because huge estrangement arose between this two people. Be in the Home Zhou father and son in concern of traditional pattern family, which do not agree concede, pulled contradiction Zhou Bingkun to move new home all the time, did not inform father however, after conflict ends, a of Zhou Bingkun ” become pa, still pa beats you, this is not happy ” , virtually stamp became medium the lachrymal drop that does an audience. Feel OK to wait for satisfactory final result compatibly formerly, but father and son gets along well,do not have a few years, it is OK that Zhou Zhigang falls down suddenly to be informed unexpectedly prepare funeral affairs, birth this is terrestrial accident. Acting of actor of play bone stage erupts greatly ” between the world ” the side chooses in the main actor, it is the actual strength actor that choose, and it is Ga not common, yan Tao and beautiful of the Song Dynasty are figure of the level after inspecting, also be to develop Jing to admire in drama. Abundant the Zheng Juan of peach personate is one of people that everybody can give resonant sense most in complete theatrical work among them, bring up old child to want to be reaved, zheng Juan is completely different idea, in negotiating with water do as one pleases, zheng Juan is to show more those who gave a woman is tough. Although some are flurried, but as far as possible keep one’s hair on, denying child father is Luo Shibin, it is speak bluntly does not know him more, tighten the hand of cinch Zhou Bingkun, give sufficient the gas end oneself, although did not erupt,make fun of, but take the person as before hold complete, acting is taken seriously not common. The person sets the Zhou Rong of personate of beautiful of the Song Dynasty to be not denounced happy event, but her acting is however beyond question doughty, after hearing Feng Huacheng to be determined to divorce, on the face more it is one kind feels relieved, although tear stops not the dwelling place is drippy come out, but maintaining a smile however, this paragraph cries play also is OK selected schoolbook. Personate male advocate the Ga before thunder favorable reply of Zhou Bingkun do not reach two female main actors with public praise, but must saying thunder good news is to be being depended on really in ” between the world ” the Gao Guang acting in got admissive. Because father falls down not to have arrange with respect to insecurity originally,having a paragraph of show is Zhou Bingkun, after sending a hospital father, when the accused knows to prepare funeral affairs depressed, mouth closes without effort, was trembled by awe hind, body appreciably admired the past backward. Compare what crack lung at ripping a heart to cry, so exquisite limbs movement can show the flimsy one side that gives a man more, and can give take the place of to feel to the audience, sense of reality should spill over simply screen. Discharge star does not have a predestined relationship ” between the world ” each actor or artist that the reason does not live instantly is grabbing good play, this quality on-line ” between the world ” , why to fall into the hand that discharge stars? ” between the world ” comparative to actual strength of ordinary members of theatrical troupe from origianl work doughty, belong to high level play, such play is to make a lot of actor absolutely of scramble for sth, to the good luck that start shooting fame may be for new personality, and to experience quite the actor of abundant, it is the opportunity of can strong praise. And such play is already capable to choose actively, and have enough level sheet rely on work itself to win out, is not the discharge that actor of support of ground of one be ignorant of brings. And as hold had guided ” people’s name ” director, lilu knows clearly, a high grade work is extremely expensive to the actor’s requirement, actor of play bone level acts in a play brought wallop, it is the height that major discharge actor reachs without method. So everybody can discover, ” between the world ” the main actor all inside is one’s previous experience of regular professional training, and a few had had collaboration with him. And ” between the world ” Liang Xiaosheng of origianl work author ever also was making public circumstance speak bluntly to had been analysed, the circumstance with actual strength of a few actors and tall not quits remuneration, taking freeboard remuneration, did not take out good work however, it is a kind of numerous to sufferring humiliate, adapt play so dedicated choose actual strength actor to also may be mixed him author apiration is relevant. Altogether, ” between the world ” it is a god-given good play really, because had theatrical work,just mix bilateral face of the actor just is met hard the beautiful performance that behead catchs. And discharge actor was not chosen more likelihoods or problem of acting actual strength, after the hope everybody can great and forward generation learns, study acting well, play of ability become reconciled encounters.

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