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Original title: ” countryside loves 14 ” Zhao Si gets offline, add is made 16 switch on the mobile phone to did not make grow expensive, ineffable disappeared how many part? Recently, ” rustic love 14 ” had broadcasted half, the part in each gut masterstroke, the contradiction between also is in ceaseless become acute. Making what the audience feels accident most is, complete theatrical work most those who give prize ” Zhao Si ” also suffer actually get offline.

20220219061920 62108be8a4fa9

In whole department ” countryside loves 14 ” in, show share itself of Zhao Si is not much, and a phone, actually his defray ivory village, communication of be used to of the geoscience outside going is on name, but a person with a discerning eye sees, this is the omen before Zhao Si gets offline.

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Old brand part gradually the brim changes be not have Zhao Si only, recently, the net is passed ” countryside loves 16 ” switch on the mobile phone already formally, media and netizen also are basked in gave many switching on the mobile phone the road is illuminated fully, and just meet right now, “Long expensive ” also began direct seeding, should be asked about by vermicelli made from bean starch ” why to switch on the mobile phone to did not see you ” when, grew expensive face to be pulled immediately, express: “Switching on the mobile phone is to did not call me, then I did not act. Then I did not act..

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Trifling grievance is shown fully outside the word in the word, but the netizen also can understand, after dying at teacher of lunar celestial being especially, long expensive did not have a partner, did not have the meaning that exists in drama more, saying with its is to grouse, be inferior to saying is pair of reality is helpless with indignation.

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Actually, ” rustic love ” in nearly 16 years when series drama broadcasts, the part that without reason disappears is Zhaosi He Changgui not just, but without one exception, reason is to go out almost learn, for instance the actor holds a director concurrently ” Pi Changshan ” , still have Bi Chang edition ” Wang Xiaomeng ” , have solid really there is good reason for it, but also some is without reason, on one still holds the position of main part, below one reduced brim figure. Wang Tian comes classics of this part all previous 5 ” countryside loves ” , although just made fun of in the begining the portion is not much, but have his moment in reliefly as Xiaoshen, zhao Benshan also begins to begin to hold her in both hands apparently, wang Tian comes the show share of one horn is heavier and heavier, till the 6th when, he already can one person maintains a masterstroke, can weighs those who do department theatrical work to do laugh take on.

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But since after parting company with Qiu Ge, wang Tian will was without omen ground disappear actually, bedding was not made in gut even, at this late hour, a lot of audiences had forgotten most propbably a such parts had existed. Chen Yannan once called ivory hill this the character of two great goddess with popular show, since on the line is gone after by a lot of male part, but do not know why, the inter is close in 5 work, she also is ineffable disappear, when when appearing the next time, went one case with Bai Qingming actually.

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Most those who let a person understand hard is, the Chen Yannan after marriage resembled changing a person, disposition termagancy was worn, with the adversary between Bai Qingming play cannot leave to quarrel forever, and recently 13, 14 in, the audience also did not see her figure again. Popular show once ivory village village is beautiful, disappear already completely nowadays in audience line of sight, as the most inchoate female advocate one of, this part bore the weight of the memory of many audiences, also maintained many gut masterstroke. 13 ending, everybody thinks she can resume marriage smoothly with Li Daguo, but when ” countryside loves 14 ” broadcast, a name that does not have her is controlled however in cast.

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This still does not calculate, if begin to review from the first, everybody can discover, in this drama ineffable the part that disappear still has a lot of a lot of, a little wonderful even part appeared only one season disappears disappear, wanting to return now is really regrettablly, chase after after all now, what very much old pink cares about is not gut, however a kind of feelings, each leaves the old person, pardonable everybody is spitting groove, ” rustic love ” had lost original taste. To this, are netizens how of look upon? Comment of greeting lower part leaves a message!

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