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Original title: 2 work obtained Piao Minying 2019 special honour, 33 years old sit firmly Han drama throne of one elder sister Article / Ding Minjun a few days ago ViKi2019 year teleplay of 10 big the most welcome Asias is fresh give heat, 9 couplet of IU and Lv Zhen sleeve Han drama of the main actor ” Drew accept hotel ” Rong Dengbang head. The platoon is in 2, 3 is respectively ” golden secretary why in that way ” and ” her privacy ” , be worth what carry is, the heroine of these two work is Piao Minying entirely.

20220219062005 62108c153c750

2 work published sheet of authoritative a list of names posted up 2019, data be far ahead? Sheet of this a list of names posted up is integrated the work of movie and TV of each Asian countries and area, and be the result that the course just reachs after the selection of authoritative personage, also be to have conviction extremely. Piao Minying went out in all 2019 performed 2 work, and be ascended entirely go up a list of names posted up is odd, before returning a platoon to be in 3, such achievement is the actors of banner Yu Tongling really.

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A at the beginning of 2019 ” golden secretary why in that way ” , allow the one side that everybody saw Piao Minying is intellectual. The combination of she and Piao Xujun is the attention that drew many vermicelli made from bean starch more, during drama anthology broadcasts, two people were to come out more red is heard, look nowadays nevertheless, about the thing that red hears, also be an audience only it seems that people guess.

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But undeniable is, although Piao Minying already 33 years old, but still can show an elegant demeanour like the girl on screen however. Give the girl that acts a few years old 20, piao Minying also is can control easily. And in another work ” her privacy ” in, piao Minying tries to go out first perform the gens that chase after a star.

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The enthusiasm that she resembles antithesis of the girl that chase after a star is shown without involuntary discharge of urine, also give a person the sense that shines at the moment. Although two work are,give priority to a problem with love, but in two play, the part of Piao Minying personate also is to having very big disposition difference. The audience is convinced by acting place of Piao Minying again, during drama anthology broadcasts she develops hot search for many times.

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Give an excellent work 14 years ceaseless, exceed powerful vision to become reduce ability surely? Be in ” golden secretary why in that way ” before broadcasting, piao Minying also was to become silent for some time. But Piao Minying always can depend on the line of sight of expressional regain popular in work of movie and TV, go out 14 years to come such example cans be found everywhere. Give the first teleplay that act from her ” do laugh at a family ” calculate case, piao Minying did not go out it seems that had acted ” sodden piece ” .

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” do laugh at a family ” it is Korea comedy a big hill, also do not have work to be able to surmount it up to now. Piao Minying is the participator of this drama, she is sending out on the You Meishen of the personate in drama dangerous breath but be full of glamour however. About branch line clue of You Mei, it is the meaning in audience heart is made the same score hard all the time, so Piao Minying also is remembered by everybody accordingly.

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Subsequently she acts the leading role ” into all house red is heard ” the peak of a peak that reached drama of Korea ancient costume is at that time, was to gather more in this drama Song Zhong radical, Liu Yaren such super giant star, male advocate Chinese hackberrya is extremely red more one day temporarily. Although Chinese hackberrya has made target of public criticism because of the problem such as drug taking one day nowadays, but undeniable is ” into all house red is heard ” it is a god-given an excellent work.

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Piao Minying is with Li Min pick acted the leading role together more ” urban hunter ” , this drama can say is open on Han drama market ” secret service drama ” times. Be in ” urban hunter ” later, ” Healer ” it is a help Piao Minying is firm oneself person is angry, this drama also is ” urban hunter ” later ” secret service drama ” another summit summit.

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Market of follow-up Han drama also was to have very big change, traditional sweet the heart that bestows favor on drama to cannot hold an audience already. But fall in such circumstance namely, piao Minying turns over his to unluckily and go, revise play through overflowing ” golden secretary why in that way ” let audience circumfluence successfully. She never is met it seems that take advantage of an opportunity and row, always be in however casual lead tide. This, it is the key that she can hold person energy of life for a long time to be not decreased probably!

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Easy admit face-lifting, faulty however more get a preference? Be in ” golden secretary why in that way ” before broadcasting, about Piao Minying ” face-lifting sequela ” , ” facial deadlocked ” hearsay cause a temporary clamor. Think consistently in netizens Piao Minying already no longer can regain summit summit when, her condition picks up suddenly however, the Yan Zhi in drama is the United States gives new height more. And after teleplay broadcasts, piao Minying was not spat because of colour cost issue not only groove, good by assist acting instead, nature is true.

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Understand Piao Minying’s person to know actually, piao Minying was paid to become an actor a lot of. Although move small knife to still let a lot of people be accepted hard to become beautiful, but Piao Minying is easy the manner that admits him face-lifting, also be to was her to win not little support. Furtive the Piao Minying in is true brave, and always like try strange thing. In addition, she still loves sport, piao Minying is good to maintain figure, hold to fitness all the time, and the skin condition that this also allows her on certain level promotes somewhat.

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Piao Minying’s existence resembles one side mirror it seems that, the posterity that gave a lot of wanting that become fine actor people enlightenment. Want to go further in circle of movie and TV, want to have perfect cheek not only, still need to have the effort of original vision, unremitting and powerful heart. Nevertheless the person enrages even if Piao Minying nowadays rising, but also do not mean her to do not have the crisis.

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After all Piao Minying also already 33 years old, she also is urgent need spread is wide oneself play road. Next she and Xu Kangjun couplet sleeve of the main actor ” if weather is good, I can look for you ” will go up line, in drama she will give the role that performs close of as actual as oneself age. From what had released premonitory in light of, she and Xu Kangjun are combined this pair also is CP feeling is full. Like Piao Minying or the friends that are similar theme so, can get ready seek theatrical work.

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