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Original title: Sun Yizhen new theatrical work ” 39 ” sow, viewing rate is achieved 4.4% , “King blast ” make? Han drama from ” Xue Di is spent ” after ringing down the curtain, did not have the work of special Gao Ran, although new theatrical work ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” and ” the people of weather office ” replace the 2nd part, but the status that heat did not achieve all-time noisy and confused.

20220219062006 62108c16499bd

Han drama ” 39 ” act the leading role by Sun Yizhen, Tian Meidou and Jin Zhixian, basically tell about 3 girls from high school 2 grade begin to encounter, maintaining friendship to 39 years old all the time, this in actual life, it is very commendable friendly feelings, but they encountered the thing that cannot forecast in a years this 39 years old, begin to compare any period more the story that burn with righteous indignation.

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” 39 ” head sow achieved viewing rate the viewing rate of Korea whole nation of 4.406% , this falls in the concussion of the Olympic Winter Games, can saying is achievement brilliant. The most important is, zhou San of TV station JTBC, 4 broadcast ” working city ” the viewing rate of big ending 4.695% , because this is on viewing rate,two drama are to keep balance basically, nevertheless ” 39 ” it is to leave sow, and ” working city ” it is ending however.

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Be in nevertheless ” 39 ” before sowing, xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen because of the message that marry, the topic is spent unplug tall, this pair of Sun Yizhen that appear in the screen again after two years, it is bright and beautiful hill adds a flower undoubtedly, have more ” king blast ” made latent capacity. The 8 collect law that this drama allows Korea thoroughly breaks up dish, went up to expect suddenly in the first concentration, and ” the people of weather office ” before mixing ” in parting company now ” also be to be in the first or the extreme of 2 collect, begin to go up to expect suddenly greatly, have the tendency that grow in intensity more.

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” 39 ” in Che Meizhao is dean of J skin clinic, ever had lived for some time in orphanage, be adopted by wealthy person later, she and elder sister Che Meixian are running clinic together, the little sister that Che Meixian comes to to adopting as rich home a thousand pieces of gold is to be very fond of very, knowing Che Meizhao to be misunderstood is ” small 3 ” after roughhousing, do not have even the dress there’s still time to change hurried to a police station, threaten won’t let off those people.

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In drama, still have the person of a very open to question sex, zheng Canrong is by Tian Meidou personate, be in namely ” quick-witted doctor lives ” in Cai Songhua.

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” 39 ” in Zheng Canrong can say is a complete amative head, the Jin Zhenzhe that not hesitate for love and has married is maintaining the connection between the friend, but want Jin Zhenzhe to divorce all the time however.

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In this kind set falls, very much audience will be right figure of this one figure somewhat unwell, and because,the TV station appears ” Xue Di is beautiful ” the lessons drawn from others’ mistakes of collective boycott, before broadcast, foregone message gives off Zheng Canrong to be able to die young, aim to eliminate an audience negative sentiment.

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Cast a variety of, ” 39 ” a lot of deserve the place with thoughtful audience, che Meizhao although 39 years old, but she is in the piquant act shamelessly with elder sister Che Meixian, resembling is one grows not big child forever.

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Che Meizhao did not get married, have oneself cause, prepare to think up a country to study abroad for his manage even, in her world, the age is not the germ that defines everything, as long as living OK forever young, forever vigor 4 shoot, struggle for the future that hopes for in the heart forever.

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