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Original title: Yu Hewei of old show bone, the mother gives birth to him 45 years old, eldest sister relies on to nurse after raise big, with wife conjugal love 28 years Small clever recreation is confused, zhang Zhang takes you to watch different recreational news! Defend in Jiangsu recently inspect those who broadcast ” court of decide the issue of the battle ” the eyeball that firmly attracted me

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Yu Hewei is in drama of personate is strict discretion, not allow to one man nods the inquisitor Gao Jian of the flaw

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Regard drama as medium leading role character, the inquisitor tall sword of Yu Hewei personate is to depend on its to exceed the gas field of A to exceed strong logistic thinking more, the front courtyard careful of wonderful unsurpassed dominates debate is the mom pink that encircled more

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Mention Yu Hewei, only the person knows his personate a lot of classical parts, but the one’s lot that however very few person knows him is rough!

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Yu Hewei, when was born in Liaoning to save n city mother to give birth to him on May 4, 1971, had been 45 years old, be senile lying-in woman

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Unfortunate is, it is when Yu Hewei is 3 years old, his father dies, the mother brings up the eldest sister of many children Yu Hewei alone, bigger than him full the as it happens when 24 years old of mothers just were delivered of Yu Hewei drives eldest sister to give birth to next daughter

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The mother with old age, not enough the Yu Hewei with the grown grandma that much milk has eldest sister as a child, already ” inspect senior a general term for young women to be a mother “

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Became teacher of a music to be able to be in after with Wei the technical secondary school graduates at this moment, as it happens catchs up with modern drama group to enrol a person, he from tens of philtrum successful Tuo Ying comes out, one of making modern drama group but he is unwilling at the current situation, decide to abandon modern drama group ” iron rice bowl-a secure job ” the job subsequently, the effort that passes Yu Hewei takes an examination of Shanghai Thespian institute

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Since outer after going to school, yu Hewei has time to return old home rarely, miss very

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Say in the program: “Native place ” it is Yu Hewei heart most loosening the safest harbor also is me most loosened condition!

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A piece of simple bed, having deep memory however!

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After graduation, passed the trough that is as long as 4 years period, but gold always can give off light took work of a lot of and outstanding movie and TV subsequently, remain fresh in one’s memory making a person!

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Ever piece act ” new the Three Kingdoms ” , liu of the personate in drama has, with curtilage heart clemency is main disposition feature! The Yu Hewei in drama with ” close ” the disposition that will explain Liu Bei, the bully energy of life in his eyes also is controlling

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Be in ” counsellor is allied ” in personate Cao Cao, bully gas is suspicious in drama, fierce and crafty be full of brains again

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The Cao of successful generation a fierce and powerful person that modelled an one hundred percent is held!

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Teacher of easy meridian passage evaluates him to say: “He is compared before Cao Cao acts well he is more adjacent with the true Cao Cao on the history. “He is compared before Cao Cao acts well he is more adjacent with the true Cao Cao on the history..

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Espionage war play ” the person that pursue and attack ” in personate is big drama center of Cao Refei of the spy in army of villain in drama thinks of careful, cruel and evil, modelled a figure of stereo and overall figure of villain in drama

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Be in ” old artillery piece ” in in the Gong Shu of great villain in drama with cruel and evil personate

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The motion picture that shows in the near future ” favorite ” in, of personate is with him contrast huge ” recall astral old father “

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Etc. . . . . . Still have work of a lot of and outstanding movie and TV! Not only succeed so on the career, emotional life is very happy also!

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So much passes, prop up him to be hit in this circle all the time go all out, besides the belief in the heart, the accompanies Yu Hewei wife that still has a wife is called Song Linjing, it is a dancer

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Rose to go 1991, the Yu Hewei at that time is penniless he studies Song Linjing for company together into on play, enter modern drama group at the same time after graduation

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After Song Linjing graduates, act art of the more successful Yu Hewei that way develops act art the road is done not have so successful, he gave a lot of effort, but the has had very long period of time trough that did not get wanting period, dan Songlin is static do not accompany from what do not abandon all the time beside

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Of the wife silent support and drive, this makes Yu Hewei conquer difficult, had dye-in-the-wood hope bosom friend of two people acquaintance loves each other 28 years, very happy! Envy making a person! Epilogue him nowadays, exceedingly successful on career and love, alleged be be real life wins the home! Also be to hope they go down happily all the time, also expect to more wonderful work are brought to us after him

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Do you like so outstanding Yu Hewei? Welcome everybody active comment leaves a message, remember leaving your attention and little love You.

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Protect personnel to greet to the cure of mortgage a gleam of here, we can be hit certainly win this ” war ” China is cheered! Wuhan is cheered!

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