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Original title: Dilireba passes new natural resources again, vermicelli made from bean starch expects and Yang Yang 2 build, person morale of the director is very high also Enter group of new theatrical work in succession in many actor when, dilireba did not transmit a message it seems that. Her hand grasps two to wait for sow drama, ” peace and happiness is passed ” and ” drive shark is written down ” all already commentate give a flower. Latter makes an appointment broadcasted a number to had been broken through 640 thousand, but do not sow tardy however. It is reported, piece just close requirement do poorly done work over again nevertheless because of specially good effect, because this can adjourn only,broadcast.

20220219062237 62108cadb5391

Another ” peace and happiness is passed ” kill blueness not to calculate long, also be in probably intense undertake later period make, drama pink must record period of time probably. Good theatrical work is not afraid of etc, to jump at of this vermicelli made from bean starch, also awaiting the arrival of a drama at the same time. Flow as the top, resource nature of Dilireba won’t be poor, many drama just are cast to her went out ” olive ” .

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But expect date of return to wait for, vermicelli made from bean starch is not all close completely according to sheet, some do not suit Dilireba’s person to set, vermicelli made from bean starch is refuse —

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Be just like this ” Xin Huaiyu’s princess ” , the main actor is provisional the person such as Dilireba and the Zhang Yunlong with fine subordinate travel, Zhang Binbin, the director also is ever had cooperated with Dilireba ” beautiful Li Huizhen ” Li Hui bead, but to this ” olive ” , vermicelli made from bean starch does not hope Dilireba is received however below.

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Because of classical and bad to surmount, dilireba also does not fit the model of Chinese wind, add have ” grandma ” the suspicion of new personality, how to look not quite appropriate. ” new Huai Yu’s princess ” do not suit, but cast very quickly again come to another ” olive ” , to this vermicelli made from bean starch very expect —

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This drama is You Gulong classical novel adapts ” knife of skyline bright moon ” , female advocate Dilireba was decided first, male advocate cry is highest is Yang Yang.

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In comment lower part almost of all of one suit is to expect Yang Yang Dilireba 2 build call. Vermicelli made from bean starch says: “2 build, 2 build, begged, I want to see Yang Yang and heat cling to form ” . Return somebody to sigh with emotion: “False really? If really that too expected ” .

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See not hard, many vermicelli made from bean starch are the CP pink of Yang Yang and Dilireba, exacter saying is ” honorable couple ” CP pink. Because two people had cooperated ” the honor that you are me ” , the person enrages female star ” tall brilliant brilliant ” with learn a god ” at road ” the story still had vermicelli made from bean starch not to give pit up to now. Also have ask a question of vermicelli made from bean starch of course: “What so Dilireba acts is bright moon heart or Zhou Ting ” . It is normal that vermicelli made from bean starch has this to ask to also be belonged to, because be opposite in the book female advocate limit faintness having a place.

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Zhou Ting and bright moon heart are admired likewise male advocate Fu Gongxue, but one becomes monster because of misunderstanding, hit blind the eye of bright moon heart. The ending after the sister feels relieved later is extinct internal force is dead. Bright moon heart is Wulindi one female all arrowroot, also be Fu Gongxue wife. Be hit by Zhou Ting blind double eye, marry by force after be dispelled past grudge again by Yan Nafei, under ending serious injury, at Fu Gongxue die of jade of Huai Zhongxiang disappear.

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Two female advocate it is tragic ending, perform which after all as to Dilireba also unknown. But if Yang Yang and Dilireba can go out,believe act, no matter heat up cling to perform which, vermicelli made from bean starch is met show respect for. Be worth what say is, this drama suffers expect, the director also is one big key. ” knife of skyline bright moon ” the director is Zhang Li, ceng Ping borrows ” horizontal sky is born ” win award of golden pheasant of film of the 20th China optimal photography award, depend on warlike affection drama in succession again ” the soldier is confidential ” , palace tragedy film ” nocturnal dinner ” , warlike play ” terrestrial correct path is vicissitudes of life ” take many prize.

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2016, he is returned and Yang Yang collaboration crosses teleplay of black unreal knight-errant ” fierce uses heaven and earth ” .

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To Zhang Li hold guide this, your kind effort of naturally of vermicelli made from bean starch supports. Express in succession: “Zhang Li manufactures, on the offensive holds 5 stars in both hands, stand stick etc sow ” ” still have those who expect, zhang Dao innovates again “

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Of course also somebody feels an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors of this battle array, in fact, ” knife of skyline bright moon ” be in early was about to start 2020, the name of the Yang Yang that in the main actor one column shows awesomely, Dilireba, possibility is very large still.

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Yang Yang and Dilireba are the actor that holds an actual strength and discharge concurrently, directing Zhang Li is high-quality goods assures more. So formidable battle array lets a person how to expect. Although this drama have not Guan Xuan, but might as well expect one time, probably false with time, it as agreed upon and to.

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