Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Original title: Newest Han drama ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” , CP of group of pear of peaceful of gold of Na Hezhu & Will to everybody recommend TV of a Korea today newest broadcasted teleplay ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” , basically told about the setting 1998 to fall, or what high school is born is female advocate cherish dreams, want to make the most remarkable fencing athlete, in domestic economy condition not quite bounteous condition falls to also think method to holding to hard, also encountered young sports reporter in this process male advocate, two people are in involute and the story that the green period that move restlessly takes in all hand in hand. This drama can say is the new Han on the near future the top of head sees again quite in drama, dream having a place is answered ” reply please 1998 ” imply is breathed out. Ever acted the leading role jointly with Zhong Ji of the Song Dynasty 2020 the film ” triumphal date ” actress Jin Taili, in drama personate daughter advocate Luo Xi, style of one individual character is optimistic the fencing girl that is full of spark, the Jin Taili that was born 1990 plays the part of a high school to be without natively violate and feel, agree with the part degree very tall oh, although Yan Zhi does not calculate special Jing,admire however also girl move is very. Male advocate it is to ever acted the leading role teleplay ” Jin Fuzhu of weight lifting alluring woman ” Na Hezhu, the handsome young man 1994, in the personate in drama a reporter, ceng Wei is dark visit had done a lot of part-time jobs, became finally one civilian sports reporter, encounter when 23 years old female advocate, all the way bumpy, arrived 25 years old two talents are in love truly. At present this drama just replaces two part, though begin is female advocate the daughter feels wronged and act rashly after the husband’s family outside returning, break up accidentally female advocate the diary of high school period, whole story is passed female advocate the diary launchs recall, is what like knock CP so small write the father that thinks Na Hezhu is a daughter not can self-consciously? Ha, chase after drama to seek the solution together.

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