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Original title: ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” update tonight! Li Xiaonan washs suspicion hard, wang Cheng designs the unkennel that bring a snake ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” update now, new clew appears in succession, the case happens again invert. This, the suspicion on Li Xiaonan body is more and more serious, also deepening to red suspicion, xiao Nan’s mother is mysterious also, belong to solid be small make up also watch doubt, want to know who just is a murderer after all very much! At red on record hair spot collected feather breastpin of Li Xiaonan, those who suspect Li Xiaonan is Su Rui of plot a murder is really fierce, browbeat with this dawn Nan mom. After confirming Li Xiaonan’s breastpin is really missing, the mom that saves female heart to cut kidnapped directly Yu Gong. It is more later force in order to die, gas of false deck coal fired lets Yu Gong hand over evidence. But which think of, this string of action actually early by Yu Gong get behind, told her intentionally still to put the false address of breastpin. Discover the mom that is cheated to kneel down to Yu Gong unexpectedly for the daughter, beg her to let off Xiao Nan. Such ” the day collapses come down, I fill to it on ” mother love lets a person use a facial expression.

20220219063024 62108e80cf102

Across, the case investigates open duple fast, progress is rapid. Premonitory last week medium faceless express, it is Su Rui pushs Li Xiaonan to enter the monitoring kinescope of the river actually inside. The Li Xiaonan that can fear water obviously survives like the miracle however, this lets Chen Muhui remember natatorium strings together familiar number then, immediately heads for natatorium to launch investigation. She discovers Li Xiaonan learns to swim already actually, and submergence of designed still exercise is mixed choke with resentment, can be she pushed early by the husband with respect to him expect in the river? Police still discovers Li Xiaonan’s traffic accident is to be caused artificially it seems that further, su Rui ever still held person high price in the palm to buy asthmatic medicine and sleeping pill. The disposition that couplet thinks of to Su Rui sees money eye leaves and every day by the reality of dun, police guesses, su Rui may think uxoricide is cheated protect! It is small really the chin that make up wants Jing to drop, know Su Rui broken bits does not know him actually so broken bits.

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In the police station Li Xiaonan uncovers a scar oneself, told about oneself this paragraph miserable experience. She admits herself actually early the broken bits male face that knows Su Rui. She what fear wants to run away originally, be threatened with family by Su Rui however. To protect family, xiao Nan can compromise temporarily only, but guarding against everywhere actually this ” bedside person ” . See when Li Xiaonan Su Rui includes medium divorce agreement, when feeling bitter to the day wants in the end eventually, su Rui knew Yu Gong is a holiday actually ” tear open 2 generation ” , reduce heart recurrence to Li Xiaonan. And jacket of Li Xiaonan surface makes as if nothing happened, actually in the dark plan, the deathtrap of plan buy is born after that. She buys a house intentionally with total saving, broadcast Jiang Bian to be missing the news rate that accelerates Su Rui him plot a murder. Dare be you believed? The suspense dot of this drama is him Li Xiaonan make. High-end hunter is the attitude with prey appears as expected, others still is killed in the play, li Xiaonan is direct and goggle read a script. Do not have a boldness, who dare so play, plum elder sister this is to taking a life to be in wrestle ah!

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From newest premonitory in light of, neighbour ever saw dawn Nan mother and daughter is risking rainstorm to hurried back in the home, what did two people encounter after all that evening, is Li Xiaonan returned this whether wash suspicion? “Best now method is an all secrets, tell a police ” the case can the whole thing comes to light at this point, come to light? And across, wang Cheng is risking life danger to explore again Liang Heyu, the hope is the unkennel that bring a snake. “A cornered beast will do something desperate ” Liang Heyu sends guaze mask male in entering the home, the purpose kills the witness. But Li Xiaonan is right now in the home, after all Li Xiaonan whether again escape from a danger? ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” updated at 20 o’clock now, a bit closer from the truth, again a bit closer…

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